Nestle W-2

Nestle is one of the world largest well-liked food and beverage company that operate over 450 factories with around 350,000 employees in the 194 countries. By the way, Nestle offers online delivery of your original copy of year end wages and tax information (W-2s). Former employee will not access online of their W2s. They must contact with pay roll manager.

If you are current employee, please setup your account by following way-
1. Simply go to the Enter the Nestle employer code 14490 in the employer code box and click Go.
2. Enter your employee ID, if your employee ID is start with zero, please avoid the leading zeros. Click “Continue”
3. Enter your PIN number. If you are new user, your initial PIN number is last four digits of your social security number and year of birth. For example, your social security number is 123-45-6789 and year of birth is 1990 then your default PIN number is 67891990. Click Login
4. You must set up risk based authentication service to enhance security level.
5. Click on Enroll Now
6. Select YES or NO to identify your PC. Click Continue
7. Take a security image and use arrow button if needed, click Continue
8. There are six security question filed, choose the question from drop down menu and give answer and click Continue
9. Enter your phone number and email address, click Continue
10. Review all given data and confirm, click Complete
11. Change the initial PIN number to your choice, click Change
12. Login with new PIN and click on the main menu W-2 feature list, click on “Go Paperless”
13. If you want to enroll for online delivery of your original w2 (wage and tax statement online click on Test Now to view sample W-2.
14. Fill up the W-2 statement form with email address; mailing address, phone, fax etc and click Save.
15. For more help, call to the W-express service center at 877-325-9239.

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