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Kroger is committed to provide year end wages and tax information by state law. Kroger is operating their business under two dozens local brand name in the 14 States of USA and District of Columbia. Your wages and tax statements provide all types of earning paid, the number of hours, amount associated with the earning. It also provides description of each type of tax withheld from the paychecks. You can access your W2s by following way easily-

Your W2s is hosted on Equifax W-2 management portal. So visit to the

Enter your employer code or name. Your employer name is KROGER and code is 10575. If you enter employer name, it will show related search results, select your company and go. But it is best if you use employer code.

One the login page, enter your Enterprise user ID or EUID. It is not asking your social security number or employee ID. Click Continue.

Enter your PIN number; PIN number is the associate password of enterprise user ID. Click Login

If this is time, you use this site, you must complete 6 steps risk based authentication. Once complete, change your password. And login again with new password.

If you logged in successfully, click on “Go Paperless Today”

Read the required discloser and click on “Test Now” in the next steps.

If you see the test document; click on “I saw the test W-2”

Complete the W-2 statement online form by key correct email address, mailing address and telephone number.

Click on “Continue” button and verify your entered data. If needed click bank button to edit otherwise click on “Confirm”

Print the consent receipt for your record and click Save then Continue to return main menu.

Kroger W2-Management

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  1. I am no longer an employee but when I was I elected to go paperless? I cannot log in anymore. It is 2/3/2016 and I havent received my w2. Will I? Or how do I get it?

  2. I no longer work for the kroger co. and i need to retrieve my paystubs for May and June to submit to the FSSA.HR is not returning my calls and dragging their feet.Is there another way to retrieve my stubs?

  3. I signed up to get my w2, is says I’m signed up, but when I try to get it, it says I’m not signed up. Trying to call, but not able to talk to anyone. Please help me.

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