Kroger Employment Verification

Kroger does not provide employment verification in its branches, retail stores, or corporate office. If you require employment verification, you will do it the following way. You will need to provide the following information to the agency, landlord, or company that has requested the verification.

You will not require creating a salary key if the employment verification service is needed for a social service agency. Just provide your employer code, 10575, and enterprise user ID and tell them to verify through or 1-800-660-3399.

If the employment verification is needed for commercial purposes, you must create six digits salary key to verify your income. You can create your salary key by following way-

  1. Go to
    2. Select I’m an Employee and click on Enter Site
    3. Enter your employer code 10575 in the required box.
    4. On the login page, enter your Enterprise User ID or EUID. It is not asking for your social security number or employee ID. Click Continue.
    5. Enter your PIN; PIN is the associate password of an enterprise user ID. Click Login
    6. If this is your first-time log-in, you must complete six steps of risk-based authentication. Click Enroll Now button to begin.
    7. Once complete, change your password. And login again with a new password.
    8. Click on the “Salary Key” tab from the main menu.
    9. Create a “New Salary Key.”

Just provide your employer code 10575 and six digits salary key. Tell them to verify through or 1-800-367-569.0

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