J & J Snack Foods Pay Stubs & W2s

How to Access J & J Snack Foods Pay Stubs and W2s Online?

Starting more than five decades ago with just eight employees in the American snack food and beverage industry, J&J Snack Foods Corp. today leads the industry by building a snack food empire. The company invents and manufactures a variety of nutritious and affordable specialty snack foods and frozen beverages served in supermarkets in forty-four US states, Mexico, and Canada. Since its inception, the demand and sales of J & J Snack Foods products have continued to grow over the past five decades due to implementing of innovative strategies. As a result, the company’s activities have increased, more workforce is required, and the scope of the office has increased, which means that the work of the company’s human resource department has become more complex day by day. J & J Snack Foods Company has started using ADP Employee Self-Service Portal as a digital solution to manage various essential functions of the company like Payroll Management, Pay Stubs and W2 Statements.

Access your J & J Snack Foods Pay Stub & W2 at ADP Employee Self-Service Portal

  • Access Link to Portal: https://my.adp.com
  • ADP Registration Code: At the beginning of the registration, users must provide a registration code in the system. A PRC (Personal Registration Code) is emailed to J & J Snack Foods Corp employees. However, your employer may also give you an ORC (Organizational Registration Code) at the time of recruitment.
  • The more you need to have: An accessible email account, an active phone number, and an internet-connected device.
  • Start: Open the browser of your internet-connected device, enter the portal access link, and navigate to the “Create Account” hyperlink.
  • Enter Code: Click on the “I Have a Registration Code” option to enter the registration code given to you. Then enter it in the input box and “Continue” to the next step.
  • Identity-Info: ADP Portal requires certain personal information to manage your account. The first name, last name, employee ID, date of birth, etc., will be provided in this step and then verify your identity. There are two options for identity verification: “Verify using your phone number” and “Ask me a few identity questions.” You can complete the verification through any of the options.
  • Contact Info: Providing an accessible email and active phone number is essential in any modern online system account as contact information. After giving the contact details in this Contact Info step, they must be verified, and for that, each contact will get a verification code which has to be submitted to the system to complete the verification.
  • Create Account: Create your account sign-in credentials here and accept the system’s terms and conditions. Access to the system is impossible without sign-in credentials, and permission to use the system is not granted without accepting the terms and conditions. You only need to create the password here because the system generates a unique User ID for all users.
  • Sign in: Account creation is complete. Now it’s time to sign in. Go to the Sign-in page by clicking “MyADP” on the screen to sign in now, or enter the access link later and complete Sign-in with credentials from the Sign-in page.
  • Setting: After signing in for the first time, check the bank information from the “Direct Deposit” option from the “Pay” menu and set up the Online Delivery “Yes” from the “Go Paperless” option and notification setting also.

Pay Stubs & W2s: The “Pay” menu screen shows the latest pay stub of all employees with detailed information. However, access the “View All Pay Statements” option to access the historical list of pay stubs. And access the “Tax Statements” option for Year-End Tax or W2 Statements.

Disclaimer: The J & J Snack Foods and J & J Snack Foods logos are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of J & J Snack Foods Corp.

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