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Nestle is one of the world largest well-liked food and beverage company that operate over 450 factories with around 350,000 employees in the 194 countries. By the way, Nestle offers Nespay electronic payroll service for their US employees. Nespay is process by Equifax workforce solution that provides secure access to view your payroll information and manage account online. Your earning will be automatically deposit to your local bank account, but no paper pay stubs will issue. If you want to access your pay stubs online, you must access TALX paperless pay by following way-
Former employee can’t access this portal. If needed any think please visit Nest benefit center.

1. Simply go to the Resource suggested link. Some of you will be ask for your employer code. If asked, enter 14490 in the employer code field.
2. Click on the “Click Here to Login”.
3. Enter your employee ID, if your employee ID is start with zero, please avoid the leading zeros. Click “Continue”
4. Enter your PIN number. If you are new user, your initial PIN number is last four digits of your social security number and year of birth. For example, your social security number is 123-45-6789 and year of birth is 1990 then your default PIN number is 67891990. Click Login

The following steps is not for returning users-

5. You must set up risk based authentication service to enhance security level.
6. Click on Enroll Now
7. Select YES or NO to identify your PC. Click Continue
8. Take a security image and use arrow button if needed, click Continue
9. There are six security question filed, choose the question from drop down menu and give answer and click Continue
10. Enter your phone number and email address, click Continue
11. Review all given data and confirm, click Complete
12. Change the initial PIN number to your choice, click Change
13. Login with new PIN and click on “Pay advice review” in to the main menu.
14. You should have Adobe reader to view and print pay stubs.



Nestle has no longer subscription with TALX paperless pay and new partner is Oracle. Through oracle ESS you are able to view and print your check stubs. Nestle Purina, nestle waters, nestle nutrition, nestle health science, nestle research, nestle professional and nespresso employees also access their pay stubs and W2s through the oracle ESS. To access your account you will be asking for your user ID and password.

If you are new employee, your user ID is you 8 digit SAP id number and password is your last 4 digits SSN and year of birth. For example: your last four digits SSN is 1234 and year of birth is 1990 then password is 12341990.
At first login, you will be prompted to change your password, asking for an email address, phone number and answer the few of security question to use the forgot password assistance feature. To log on, go to

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  1. this company do not know what they are doing i have been waiting 1 week for them to resolve a matter whereas im a 1st time user and the system will not validate my identity and i have been told to call other departments and the other departments will let me know to call back the same department i call this system is very poor i will not recommend this company to any1

  2. i have work for companies and they will send your pay stubs via mail even if you have direct deposit this company gave me the run around for a week i call pay roll payroll said i need to all H.R.- H.R SAID I NEED TO CALL PAYROLL these ppl don’t have a clue what they are doing i will not recommend this company to handle anything you are better off getting your pay by cheque

  3. I have looking at my paystubs for years. Now all the sudden the damn thing won’t let me in our reset my account. I try calling and can’t get through so this cannot be fixed. I will request paper checks again if this is not fixed immediately. It’s’s my right to see my pay stub and your holding it from me. That’s illegal..

  4. Does anyone know where do you log in with the company email address ( Nespay is sending codes to that address but the only site I can find is the nestle careers and that’s not the one. they’re as lost as I am at the company man…

    • Jody, did you ever receive your W-2? I’m getting the runaround. Talking to people in India who want my social security number. Not doing it. Can’t seem to get a straight answer from anyone.

    • Kareen Nicholson James  |  

      Please let me know how to get my W-2. I am a former Nestle employee with NUSA. Last day worked was 11/18/2019.

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