How to create Salary Key as Sava Senior Care employee

Suppose you are working at the Sava Senior Care and will create a salary key to prove your income. The Work Number allows you to create a salary key online. Basically, Sava senior care center is a provider of short-term and long-term health care, rehabilitation, and skilled nursing services to their patients, residents, family members, and associates. Sava senior care also provides nursing home facilities for older people who require long-term care for injuries or chronic health conditions.

To create a salary key now-

Simply visit the

Select the I’m an Employee tab and click the Enter Site button.

Enter your employer code in the suggested box and click Go. Your employer code is 12197.

The next window will display the SavaSeniorCare Administrative Services page where you require entering your Social security number and click Continue.

Enter your PIN. The PIN is the default for all employees. Click Log In.

If you are login by default password, you should complete 6 steps risk-based authentication. Click the “Enroll Now” button-

At first steps, you will be asked two questions to identify your computer; select Yes or No
Select a security image
Chose 6 security questions and provided answers.
Key your contact information, including email and phone number.
Review all entered data and complete it.

Once complete the six steps of risk-based authentication, you will prompt to change the default password. Once set up a password, you can’t log in with the default password.

So, log in again with new PIN number.