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Trane Technologies, a leading manufacturing company in HVAC and refrigeration systems, has a rich history spanning over 150 years. Originally part of Ingersoll Rand, Trane Technologies emerged as a separate entity in 2020 after a spin-off. The company is committed to providing sustainable and efficient climate solutions through its renowned brands, Trane and Thermo King, serving buildings, homes, and transportation sectors. They also cater to the life sciences industry with precision controlled-environment solutions under the FARRAR brand. Trane Technologies strongly emphasizes its employees, offering comprehensive benefits, competitive salaries,  and opportunities for professional growth. They prioritize the well-being of veterans by providing specific benefits like tuition reimbursement and fitness resources. The company drives global change through innovative solutions and bold actions. To enhance the employee experience and streamline administrative tasks, Trane Technologies has developed HRPortal, an exclusive online platform. This centralized portal offers a range of convenient features, allowing employees to manage tasks and access vital information efficiently. From logging working hours and track leave balances to enrolling in insurance plans and retrieving pay stubs and W-2 forms, the user-friendly interface of HRPortal ensures easy access to essential resources for Trane Technologies employees.

How to Access Trane Technologies Pay Stubs and W2s?

As an employee of Trane Technologies, you can access your payroll information at HRPortal. HRPortal is accessed through the Microsoft Multifactor Authentication (MFA) portal. HRPortal access is automatically granted to current, new, and returning employees for basic functions such as submitting a time card (timesheet), managing direct deposit, accessing pay stubs, W2 forms, and leave requests (full-time employees). To access HRPortal, follow the following steps-

  • Logging in to HRPortal:

Log in to HRPortal through the Microsoft Multifactor Authentication at from your preferred browser.

  • Accessing Pay Stubs:
  1. Once logged in, navigate to the Main Menu.
  2. Select “Self Service” followed by “Payroll and Compensation.”
  3. Click on “View Paycheck.”
  4. On the paycheck page, choose the desired check date you want to view. The paycheck details, including earnings, deductions, and taxes, will be displayed.
  5. You can print an Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF document containing the paycheck details to retain a record.
  • Viewing W2 Forms:
  1. In HRPortal’s Main Menu, select “Self Service” and then “Payroll and Compensation.”
  2. Click on “View W-2/W2c Forms.”
  3. Choose the “Year End Form” link.
  4. A notice will appear indicating that the W-2 form will be downloaded to your computer. Click “Yes” to proceed.
  5. The W-2 form will open in Adobe format within your browser window.
  6. Please note that if you are an active employee, you can download your W-2 through HRPortal. Non-active employees will receive their W-2 by mail.

Important Notes:

  • Active employees can download their W-2 forms through HRPortal. However, your W-2 will be sent to the mailing address on file if you are a non-active employee.
  • Electronic W-2 forms are available for download after Payroll Services finalizes the W-2 process, usually before January 31st each year.
  • Trane Technologies will notify you when electronic W-2s are ready for download.
  • Ensure Adobe Acrobat Reader is installed on your PC to open and view your W-2 form and pay stubs.
  • Ensure your home and mailing address in HRPortal is accurate to receive paper W-2 forms by mail.
  • If you haven’t signed up for electronic W-2s or have withdrawn your consent, Trane Technologies will mail a paper W-2 to your home or mailing address.

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