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Kroger is committed to provide year end wages and tax information by state law. Kroger is operating their business under two dozens local brand name in the 14 States of USA and District of Columbia. Your wages and tax statements provide all types of earning paid, the number of hours, amount associated with the earning.

However, for the largest number of employees The Kroger Co. has recommended the SecureWEB portal or HR Express Application for pay stubs and Equifax Workforce Solutions’ Tax Form Management portal for W2 statements. Therefore, you can access your W2s by following way easily-

How to get access to your W2 statements?

Please follow the steps properly to Sign Up for getting your w2 electronically:

Step 1: Go to with a network connected device.

Step 2: From the home page enter your Employer code: 10575 and click on Login>> button. Then you have to enter your SSN (Social Security Number) and click on Continue. Now enter your initial PIN according to the instructions on the screen provided by the system and click on Log In.

If you are an old user then you have to enter your changed PIN number and click on Log In to get access to your w2 statements.

Step 3: (If you are an old user then this step is not for you at this time) You will be asked some security questions for future security of your account and answer them properly (Try to answer these questions simply so that you can remember always). Now provide your contact information as phone number and email address. Then you have to change your initial PIN and go to Next Step.

Step 4: Now you will be navigated to your home dashboard of this portal.If you are an old user then you may be asked security questions to confirm your Identity. Otherwise, you may be provided a one-time passcode via text or phone call and you have to verify yourself with providing that passcode on the definite field.Finally, please select the delivery option as “Receive Forms Online” under “My Account” menu.

Step 5: At the end read “W2 Consent” carefully and you have to click on checkbox as “I understand and accept the terms for consenting for online tax form delivery”. After that you have to click on Accept and continue button also. You can activate email notification with providing email address and you will be notified while your w2 is ready.

Kroger W2s for Former Employees

Former or retired employees are always can get in touch with The Kroger Co. with logging in the My Life at Kroger ( You can know the update news and all kinds of benefits related information from here.

First you have to complete the registration process with the option located at below the login form as Register your account to access.

Registration process is very easy here. First create your unique user id and Password with the definite fields and then provide the needed information like Last name, Year of birth, Email address, Last 4 digits of SSN (Social Security Number), Secret question and answer etc. and finally click on Register button.

Now you can log in to your My Life at Kroger account with your User ID and Password.

Kroger Tax Form Management

My Life at Kroger

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Comments (18)

  1. I am no longer an employee but when I was I elected to go paperless? I cannot log in anymore. It is 2/3/2016 and I havent received my w2. Will I? Or how do I get it?

  2. I no longer work for the kroger co. and i need to retrieve my paystubs for May and June to submit to the FSSA.HR is not returning my calls and dragging their feet.Is there another way to retrieve my stubs?

  3. I signed up to get my w2, is says I’m signed up, but when I try to get it, it says I’m not signed up. Trying to call, but not able to talk to anyone. Please help me.

    • My wife works for Kroger, same thing on her W2. Her HR told her to use 999999XYZ for state id. I entered that id into the tax software I am using and it seemed to take it.

  4. My name is Nicole RehI, and I previously worked for Kroger’s in 2017, and I have not received my W2. I have moved and gave Kroger my new address. Can’t find a number to contact you. Please respond as soon as possible.
    Please send to: 1016 Continental Court Apt 2, Vandalia, Oh 45377.
    Email addressing is

    Nicole Rehl

  5. LaMarcus Dshawn Collins  |  

    I’ve been trying to get my w2 from Krogers, I have done everything they told me to do to retrieve my w2, I’m a ghost no one can help. I have called corporate, they told me to go to the Experian website for Krogers employees to retrieve my w2, they had no information about me beginning employees with Krogers in 2018. I’ve worked for krogers for 6 years, I quit in November 2018. For some reason they did not mail my w2, please help me.

  6. I need my W-2 I only worked at Kroger,s for about 2 weeks. They never could get my information correct. My work checks were sent to my old address of 5091 Washburn, Hillsboro, Ohio. I live at 5091 Arapaho Dr, Xenia, Ohio, 45385. Please email or mail me my W2

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