Olive Garden Employee Pay Stubs and W2s

Olive Garden is a subsidiary restaurant chain of Darden Restaurant Inc that provides Italian American cuisine (pasta, chicken and seafood). Today, Olive Garden has operated more than 800 restaurants in the USA. So if you are working at Olive Garden, the restaurant chain is now online to provide payroll benefits online. Through the Olive Garden MyDish web portal, its running employee may access the self service function and information about pay, direct deposit and benefits. You also have access to review your health benefits, 401k and others plan that provided by Olive Garden under the benefits tab. If you are ready to access, go to https://mydish.olivegarden.com and login your account with username and password. If you are you must create an user ID to login. Just click on I’m a new user and complete required steps.

Once logged in, go to the people soft or benefit then My Total Reward. Click on Pay then View My pay stubs or direct deposit information.

How to access your W2s

To access your year end wages and tax information online, simply go to the www.w2express.com. It will ask your employer code or name, so enter 11533 in the code or name field.
Enter employee ID without leading Zeros or dashes. It’s not asking your social security number, click Continue. If you are an active Olive Garden employee but don’t know your Employee ID, you can view and access your W2 directly from the My Total Rewards page by login to Dish>People soft / benefits>Pay>View My W2. If you an inactive Olive Garden employee and don’t know your Employee ID please contact W-2 Management’s Enterprise Employee Service Center at 1-888-341-6212

Enter your PIN number, it is default if your new user (last 4 digits of your social security number and 4 digits year of birth). Click Log in.

Complete the six steps risk based authentication.
Once complete, change your default PIN number.
Login again with your new PIN

On the main menu W-2 feature list, click on “Go Paperless”

Click on Test Now to view sample W-2.

Fill up the W-2 statement form with mandatory information and click Save.

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  2. Still can’t get my W2, on the telephone number they just follow the same steps, (only that they ask your information by phone) but at the end of the call they say it’s not possible, is there some other way?

  3. Need help to get my W2.. I been trying to get it since feb 2nd n we in march 9th already.. Please if you know how i can get it.. Email me

  4. Here is what I found useful:
    “To access Tax Form Management from outside of My Total Rewards:
    Type DARDEN or 11533 in the Employee Name and press Go.
    Enter your User ID which is your nine digit PeopleSoft Employee ID Number (you can find this on KrowD > My Total Rewards >Top of HOME page).
    Enter your Password which is the last four digits of your Employee ID Number + the last two digits of your birth year + the last two digits of your original hire year (you can find this on KrowD > My Total Rewards > PAY page). For example: If your Employee ID Number is 999998888, you were born in 1972, and your original hire date was in 1992, your password will be 88887292.
    You will be prompted to answer some security questions.
    When you receive the “Congratulations! Your Enrollment Is Complete” message, press Continue.

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