Securitas W2s

Securitas is a security services provider, including guarding, mobile guarding, remote guarding, and corporate risk management in the United States and Canada. In the USA, it is also a locally focused company in which Federal employee identification (FEIN) number is 71-0912217. According to the company, there are around 92,000 security officers with nearly 650 local branches in the USA. However, if you are working at Securitas USA or Canada, you may be view and print an original copy of your year-end wages and taxes statement (W2s) online in the following way-

To access W2 from eprintview, you need an employer code, login ID, and password. Securitas employer code for Eprint View is 1645.

  1. Visit
    2. Enter your Login ID; your Login ID is your SSN.
    3. Enter Password; your initial password is your 6 digits data of birth in MM/DD/YY
    4. Enter your employer code; the employer code is 1645.
    5. If you are a US employee, select US Forms, and if you are a Canadian employee, select Canadian Forms under the country option.
    6. Click on the Login button.
    7. You will prompt to change your password after initial logging.
    8. Further help, you may call at Securitas Help Desk at 866-864-3375