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Adecco (EIN 943286700) is one of the largest staffing companies with at least 500 branches and more than 70000 associates or contract workers in the USA. It is also a Fortune 500 Company and partnered with many small and mid-sized businesses. If you work for this company, they offer preferred payment methods by direct deposit or Citibank payroll card. If you enrolled in a Citibank payroll card, your payment would be automatically loaded to a payroll card. Otherwise, you can set up a direct deposit option for your local bank account. You will access your payroll information (pay stubs) online through paperless-pay if at least one payment has been released.

Adecco associates can retrieve their pay stubs through the new Employee self-service portal. The company no longer has subscriptions with paperless-pay, so follow the following steps to access your pay stubs online.
• Go to
• Log in with user ID and password. (Your user ID is your email address and password you have chosen when creating your account)
• If you are a new employee, click the Create Account link. This will link to the account creation page.
• Enter your First and last name and select a verification method. There are two options (SSN and Vendor/contractor ID); you can choose anyone. If you decide on SSN, it will ask you to enter your last four digits of SSN and postal code. If you choose Vendor/contractor ID, it will ask you to enter this ID and click Continue.
• Enter your email address as a user ID and choose a password.
• You will select from a list of security questions and enter the answers to the security questions.
• Finally, review and submit your information. Once you have completed the account setup process, you will be returned to the home page and logged in with your new username (Email Address) and password.
• On the main menu, select the Paystub icon.
• After this, a list of available pay stubs will appear. Click on the desired pay stub.
• A printable version of your pay stub will be displayed.
• If you have any questions, contact the payroll department at 1-866-528-0707.

Once logged into the associated portal, click on the PAYSTUB button

To log into the PAYSTUB self-service portal, you have to enter the user ID and password (same as Associate Portal)

Now you can access the following information- Payroll and Compensations (view paycheck, electronic W-2 consent, direct deposit, tax information, view W-2/W-2c forms), personal information, benefits (sick leave balance, holiday pay status), and others.

To view your pay stubs, click on View Paycheck and select one that you want to view. You can print or download it as a pdf file.


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  1. I am not able to access the site through the website or by phone. I need proof of income to obtain my health insurance. I need a paystub to show proof of income. Kellen Fiore

  2. Can you please email me a copy of my w2, I worked for ADECCO in 2016 but having problems accessing my account

  3. Could you please email letting me know how I check my checkstub online or email me my checkstub please thank you

  4. I need my paystubs for proof of income for an apt. I been calling texting numbers. No one is getting back to me.

  5. Please email me my w2 form. I have tried for 2 days multiple times to get into my account to view and get started with my return and nothing is working. As I’ve said i have tried to get into my account i have even called a few times. The last time i was able to leave a message. So please just email it to me. Today is 01/25/2019

  6. Hi
    Can anyone help me get an online copy of my 2018 W-2 form? I have called the regional customer service line so many times, only to be directed to various voicemail. Anyone. Where can I go to get this info online?

  7. We meaning alisa johnson and terrance mcmiller can’t get in this app nor can we get our check sub nothing from this dam app

  8. Please send my pay stubs through email for this month I’m not able to see them on adomyinfo for some reason I need them by tomorrow asap please in the morning Thank you…

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