Adecco (EIN 943286700) is one of the largest staffing companies with at least 500 branches and more than 70000 associates or contract workers in the USA. It is also a Fortune 500 Company and partnered with many small and mid-sized businesses. By the way, Adecco offers its employees access to year-end wages and taxes statements online. As an associate or employee, you will collect your W2s online in the following way.

If needed, reprint the 2008 or prior w2s; you can’t download them online. You must request your local office or online for a reprint of 2008 or prior W2s.

You will reprint or print last year’s W2s in the following ways-

Simply go to the

Log in with your user ID and password; otherwise, you must complete the registration process.

Just click on the Register Now button; it will ask you to enter your social security number, established user ID, and password, enter a valid email address, and provide answers to a few security questions.

Once done, you will receive an email confirmation that shows your user ID and password. Once receive an email confirmation, you can log in to the site and access your W2s (2009 to present). Need more help, visit your local office; they can set up your account.

Update Note:

Adecco associates will be able to retrieve their W-2 forms through the PAYSTUB self-service portal. To access, log into the associated portal at and click on the PAYSTUB button to go to the PAYSTUB self-service portal. Enter your password again (same as the associate portal)

To view your W2 information, you must first consent to electronic delivery. Then you have to click on View W-2/W-2c Forms under the personal and compensation section. Please select a year from the drop-down menu and enjoy it.


44 thoughts on “Adecco W2s

  1. Their website had an update and messed up a lot of accounts. Contact your local branch and tell them it is messed up. Do NOT call the payroll department 1-866 number. They never answer. My branch manager had to reset my account for me because all of my info was missing on adomyinfo. I hope this helps.

  2. I go to and try to log in it said my info is expired. I go to create new account and it tells me I’m not found. Can someone please help. I would like to get my taxes filed.

  3. I have been trying to collect my W-2 for weeks! I tried the new website, I have e-mailed, called and still nothing. Why couldn’t they just mail me my W-2?

  4. I worked for Adecco for half of last year and still have not received a W-2. Calling the branch office and no one is picking up and the website says I have an invalid ss number.

  5. I am trying to get my w-2’s from 2016, however, it states that my social security number is not found. Please assist.

  6. I have been trying for two hours to log on to your site to get my pay stubs, and this site just won’t let me log in. What is wrong with it I just want my pay stubs.

  7. Do any of you guys have the state Employer’s state ID Number for Adecco in California? I have the employer ID but I’m missing the other one! Thanks.

  8. I cannot get a straight answer as to why I have not received my W 2. Apparently, so it goes with a lot of people. I am a former employee and just want my W2 for the time employed. is that so hard??? Last week I was told to give a few more days; now give it till Friday the 9th. Then what?? Maybe the IRS can help me. Think I will try that route……. I can see the date issued was Jan 23 on MyInfo but site will not let me view or print.and have not received by mail. GRRRRR!!! what is the deal!!!!

    1. I just went thru the same issue, I had to create another acct and then I had to call payroll to get a verification ID # and everything is fine.

  9. When I get to it and try to open year end form, it won’t open. In upper right hand corner where it says customize page, processing appears for a second, then goes back to customize page. This is ridiculous. We would all like to file our taxes. What is Adecco’s problem?

  10. My name is Dorothy Townsend I have asked Adecco about my w2 was told to go to asite I went to the site and it told me my social security number wasn’t void I have called and called them about it with no response from anyone I just want my forms so I can filel my taxes i wont ever work for them if I have to go through this

  11. having trouble accessing page for w2’s keep saying password invalid haven’t received my w2 yet what is the problem

  12. I have tried now several time to get my pay stubs on this site. It will not allow me to register (tried now 6 times) and I called the 866 #. I need a copy of my last pay stub

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