Brand Energy Pay Stub

Brand Energy & Infrastructure Services is a leading manufacture and market of specialty commercial services (includes work access- design, engineering, project management, and labor for the scaffolding systems, high-performance specialty coating, dry abrasive & wet abrasive blasting, acoustic insulation that use to energy saving, refractory, corrosion protection, weatherproofing and others related crafts) to the energy infrastructure market in North America. The company has more than 300 branches in 32 countries across the world and a world-class labor force. By the way, if you are working at a Brand’s department in the United States. The company has made it easy for you to access your pay stubs online with paperless pay. To access, please provide consent by doing the following-

1. Visit the paperless-pay website for your company. If you haven’t known a paperless-pay web extension for Brand Energy & Infrastructure Services, please see Resource.
2. You can also find out the paperless-pay web site for your company by using Employer code. Your employer code is 11799.
3. You will see the BRAND logo on the left upper side. If you see the logo, then you are in the right place.
4. Click on the “Click Here to Login” button.
5. Enter your full social security number without dashes.
6. Use your PIN and login. Initial users must use the initial PIN provided by the payroll manager.
7. If you are a new employee and want to continue receiving your pay stubs online, please provide consent by completing risk-based authentication. It’s absolutely six steps that mandatory.
8. In the first steps, you must choose a yes or no option for remembering your PC.
9. Pick a security picture. If you want to change, please use the arrow button.
10. Opt out six security questions and provide an answer.
11. Key phone number and others.
12. Review all the provided answers and submit them.
13. Change your initial PIN into choice. The PIN must be 8 to 16 digits in length, and the number includeincludes14. Login again by using a new PIN.
15. Click on the Print Pay Stub button and view + print your desire pay stub… enjoy.