Cleveland Clinic Pay Stubs & W2s

How to Access Cleveland Clinic Pay Stubs & W2s Online?

Over the past century, Cleveland Clinic has become one of the largest and most respected organizations in the United States, focusing on patient care, especially in light of collaboration, compassion, and innovation. Cleveland Clinic authorities sincerely believe that the role of the staff involved, especially the caregivers, is outstanding in making this impressive progress. Therefore, the caregivers’ self-care is prioritized, and all their modern facilities are maintained. Cleveland Clinic helps employees feel their best by nurturing them in a healthy environment with the goal of employee wellness. Even supporting their payroll process in modern technology, Pay stubs & W2s are provided through ONE HR Workday Employee Self-Service Portal. Here the Employee Health Plan (EHP) program provides health benefits to all employees and many other particular advantages.

Cleveland Clinic encourages employees to explore and manage their employment and health benefits through the ONE HR Workday Employee Self-Service Portal ( And employees must have access here to electronic Pay Stubs & W2s.

Now take a good look at how to access your portal:

  • Navigating to the login page of Workday’s Employee Self-Service portal ( for Cleveland Clinic employees, you will see two login options. One ‘Current Caregiver’ needs to log in with Network ID, and the other ‘Noncurrent Caregiver’ needs to log in with Workday ID.
  • Cleveland Clinic pays all employees bi-weekly or twice a month. The 15th day of each month and the last day is Pay Day. After starting your job, you will need to collect the first paycheck from the GME office. If you provide the correct bank account information and other necessary information for your direct deposit, the following salary will be credited to the bank account through direct deposit.
  • If you do not start direct deposit with the required information within three months, your salary will be automatically deposited directly by enrolling in the Skylight Debit Card account.

Login Process for Active Employees:

When you are currently working at Cleveland Clinic or on leave as an active worker, you can complete the login by providing your NETWORK ID and Password by clicking on the first login option (Current Caregiver) from the login page. Here, you will input the email you use to access your Cleveland Clinic’s computer as ‘NETWORK ID or USERNAME.’ Then you can maintain your employment or health-related benefits in this portal. To resolve any queries or problems related to login, call ITD Service Desk at (216.444.4357).

Login Process for Former Employees

Employees or caregivers, if retired, need to complete their post-retirement official work by accessing the ‘Noncurrent Caregiver’ option from the login page of this portal and providing your Username (Employee ID as username) and Password. If you are experiencing Password related or any other problem, please call ‘ONE HR Service Center’ at (216.448.2247 or 877.688.2247) for assistance.


  • This payroll will not keep any copy of your pay stub. So, you must print your pay stubs on time, subject to payday.
  • If you are fired for any reason, you will no longer have access to the portal.
  • Your W2s will be mailed to your home at the end of January. And on the portal, you will find your electronic W2s in mid-February.
  • It is vital to note that you will not be able to disclose any information related to your salary, Pay Stubs & W2s to any other Cleveland clinic employee. It has been strictly forbidden from the company.

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