CoxHealth Pay Stubs & W2s

All Pay Stubs and W2s are digitally issued to everyone associated with CoxHealth through the Lawson Employee Self Service Portal. All payments and tax-related information can be explored here also. By using this portal, the employees will not have to face any difficulty in inspecting the banks, and also, they will get the updated, complete and reliable human resource information.

  • To access the Lawson Employee Self-Service Portal, go to the sign-in page with this link: Then you can sign in to this portal by inputting the email and password of your organizational account. If you are a new employee or don’t know about your organizational account, please contact your employer.
  • After signing in, the portal’s dashboard will appear on the screen. You will find your Pay Stubs in the ‘Pay Checks’ option on the left side menu. Clicking on ‘Pay Checks’ will show the list of your Pay Stubs according to the payment date. Then click on your desired date to view and download a summary of wages, taxes, pre-tax deductions, and a check.
  • Then click on the ‘Year to Date’ option from the menu bar on the left, and you will see a dropdown menu. You can select your desired year and see the details of your wage, tax, pre-tax deduction, company tax, and company deduction payment.
  • CoxHealth does not provide a W2 Statement through this portal. For this, you need to contact Connie Norgren at Payroll Department. Then you will be able to receive a printed copy of the W2 Statement from there.

About CoxHealth:

CoxHealth is a non-profit organization in the health care industry based in Springfield, Missouri, USA. It is the only non-profit health care system in the region that is locally owned. On the day of Thanksgiving in 1906, CoxHealth was launched by Ellen Burge. Currently, it has six hospitals with a total of 1,050 beds, more than 80 clinics, and five emergency rooms with more than 12,605 employees providing uninterrupted improved healthcare in various regions of northwestern Arkansas and southwestern Missouri. By providing more than one hundred million dollars in charitable services each year to people with disabilities in advanced medical care, CoxHealth ensures adequate advanced medical care for all in the community. In this case, CoxHealth’s hospitals, such as Cox South, Cox North, Meyer Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Hospital, Cox Medical Center Branson, CoxHealth Surgery Center, Cox Monett, etc., as well as clinics and emergency rooms play a unique role. They value health as the most personal and essential part of life. So, they put their purpose, vision, and values ​​above everything else. CoxHealth is recognized for its economic impact and charitable work to provide a wide range of treatments and the best service to everyone in the community with respect, honesty, safety, and compassion.


The CoxHealth and CoxHealth logo are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of the CoxHealth.

Wrapping Up

f you are a CoxHealth Company employee, follow all the instructions related to Lawson Pay-Roll Portal mentioned above to get your Pay Stub & W2s. I assure you there is no reason to be confused with any information here. Kindly comment in the comment box if you still want to know more. If you find it useful, please share it with your company colleagues, and you can contact me for more helpful information. Many thanks for being with us.

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