Dollar General Pay Stub

Dollar General is a chain of variety stores in the United States. The company operates more than 11,500 stores in 40 states, with more than 100,000 employees. So if you are working at any stores or corporate office of Dollar General, you can access your pay stubs from the money network paystub portal. Be sure you have received at least one payment or paper pay stub that process by Dollar General. Otherwise, you can’t set up a money network pay stub portal account. To set up and log in, follow the following directions.

1. Go to the Resource suggested link. We share weblinks because it is difficult to type on the address bar for most users.
2. If you are a new employee and received at least one payment, Click on the Register Now link to set up your account. If you are a returning user, please login with your Employee ID and PIN.
3. The registration page will display three fields to key your employee ID, date of birth, and last three digits of a social security number. Please note that the date of birth is not to ask your year of birth. For example, if your date of birth is February 23, then your birth date is 0223.
4. After you are done entering the required information, click submit.
5. On the next page, set up a four digits PIN of your choice. Click submit.
6. In the final steps, you will see, “Your PIN has been set. You can now use your PIN to access this site. So click on the Sign In Now button.
7. The home page or main menu displays 3 tabs such as View Pay Stubs, Email, Text Messages, and Change PIN.
8. Click on the View Pay Stubs tab. You will then need to select the appropriate payday link to view and print your pay stubs.
9. If you want to get notification and summary by text messages and email, click on the email and text messages tab and add an email address, phone number.
10. Call at 1-888-595-3389 for assistance or check your pay stub summary by phone.