7- Eleven Pay Stubs and W2s

7- Eleven US and Canadian employees can access their pay stubs and w2s in electronic format. Paystub and W2 in electronic form is a fast and easy way to receive them online or through email. 7- Eleven recommends its employee accept pay stubs via the paystub portal and W2 from paperlessemployee.com for all corporate and franchise employees. For more information, call the payroll customer service at +1 (855) 729-4669.

 Paystub Portal Instruction-

 Before you begin to access your paystub portal account, please have ready the following information-

  • Already registered or Have a temporary registration code
  • Or Social Security Number and Date of birth.

If you are ready to access the paystub portal account, go to paystubportal.com/7-11 and log in with your user ID and PIN that you have created during registration- (see Image-1)

First-time access- click the “First Visit? Register Now” link (see Image-1).

If you have a temporary registration code, click on the “Have a Temporary Registration Code?” link (see Image-2) or enter your date of birth in MMDD format and the last three digits of your SSN. Click on Submit.

Enter the first four letters of your first name and the first four letters of your last name and click on Submit (see Image-3).

Now you must create a Personal User ID (number only) and PIN (number only). You will use the ID and PIN to access your paystub portal account. Click on Submit (see Image-4).

You will be prompted to log in with the new Personal User ID and PIN if you have created it successfully. Once logged in with the personal user ID and PIN, you will see your latest pay stubs’ details by default (see Image-5). Click on “Print Pay Stub” to print it out.

Paperless Employee instructions

W-2s will be available for viewing and printing on the Paperless Employee self-service website for those who consented to electronic delivery. It will not be emailed to you, or you will not receive a paper/postal copy. Therefore, if you want to receive a paper copy of your year-end tax information or W-2, please do not consent to electronic delivery. You may opt-out anytime by returning to this site and selecting the “Account Settings” option.

By the way, if you want to download a pdf file and print your W2 form, go to paperlessemployee.com/7-eleven and complete the registration process the following way-

  1. Click on the Create Account button from the 7-Eleven paperless Employee self-service portal’s home page (Image-1).
  2. Enter your employee ID number, nine digits SSN, and first three letters of your last name, check the reCaptcha box and personal phone number (verify with the verification code) and click on Authenticates & Create Account (Image-2).
  3. Enter your account name, create your user ID and password and click on Save and Continue (Image-3).
  4. Select and answer the three security questions. This will be used to assist you in resetting a forgotten password. Click on Save Security Questions (Image-4).
  5. Enter your email address, and verify your email using the Verify Email button (Image-5). You will receive a verification code in your email, and you must enter the verification code (Image-6) to confirm your email address’s validity. If you do not have an email address, you can use the free Google or yahoo email account.
  6. Select the electronic statement notification options. And click on Save Notification Option Settings (Image-7).
  7. Now you are on the home menu of your account. Click on Year-End Tax Statements to access current and past year-end statements or request a correction.
  8. To view the present w2 form, click on Access Current Year-End Statements, tick the selecting box, select the delivery method, and finally click on Review & Complete Order.
  9. You will receive a download link in the following steps. Remember, the download link only be active for 10 minutes. After that time, you will need to place a new order.

 Note: Please do not post your personal information in the comments.