Easterseals Pay Stubs & W2s

How to Access Easterseals Pay Stubs and W2s Online?

Organizations that are not run for profit are called non-profit organizations. These organizations’ primary objective is public welfare; these institutions work only for the people’s interest without any objective of making loans, dividends, and profit. Non-profit organizations rely on individual donations and grants from various foundations to meet their expenses. Founded more than a century ago in the individual and family services industry, Easterseals has worked tirelessly to develop the quality of life for people with disabilities in America through total equity, inclusion, and access. The employees here never think about their wealth but take what is necessary for everyday life as salary. Since it is a large organization and the workforce is also significant, it is suitable for the organization to use the ADP Employee Self-Service Portal to manage its payroll efficiently and cost-effectively. Because if some expenses are saved, it might improve the quality of life of a disabled person. And the employees themselves can access this portal and collect their Pay Stubs and W2s 24/7.

  • Register now to manage your employment profile on ADP Employee Self-Service Portal and access various news, including Pay Stubs & W2s, Time Off, Work Info, etc. For registration, visit ADP’s website or directly to this Sign in link: https://my.adp.com and navigate to “Create Account.”
  • To enter the registration process from here, Easterseals or the system administrator should give you a registration code with some instructions via email; enter that code in the “I Have a Registration Code” option. However, don’t worry if you don’t get the code; there is also a “Find Me” option for you, through which you can locate your profile on file with Easterseals by providing the information requested by the system. In this case, the information you use to search your profile must exist on file with Easterseals, meaning the information you provided on file during recruitment.
  • Then input the required information correctly and carefully in the “Identity-Info” and “Contact Info” steps of the system and complete the verification in each case. Here you have the opportunity to meet the verification process by submitting a verification code after receiving it through a phone number or email or by answering some identity questions at your convenience.
  • After taking all the necessary information to manage your account in the ADP system, you will be given a User ID and write it down correctly in your notebook. Then you must create another credential, i.e., a password, to login into the system following the password-creating rules provided below the input box.
  • When the registration is complete, sign in to the portal. And check all information and settings from the dashboard after performing the first Sign in, and update as needed. However, don’t forget to set up the “Go Paperless” option to receive your Pay Stubs and W2 Statements online; where in addition to ticking the “Yes” option for online delivery, save the settings with tick marks if you want to receive notifications by phone number or email.
  • You will get a notification on your phone number or email according to your settings when your Pay Stub will be updated on payday and W2 Statement in the last week of January at the end of the year in the ADP Portal. Then you sign in to the portal and look for Pay Stub in the “Pay” menu’s display area. If signed in to receive W2 Statements, look for the “Tax Statements” option. Select the specific year for W2 Statements, and older users will go to the “View All Pay Statements” option to view older pay stubs.

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