How to Access Pay Stubs & W2s on Ultipro

Ultipro Pay Stubs & W2s

Ultipro is the second largest cloud-based human capital management software system. More than 70,000 organizations in at least 160 countries use the UltiPro system. Several prominent American corporations, franchises, and small businesses are among the UltiPro system users. In this article, I will briefly discuss how the employees of those American organizations can access their pay stubs and tax forms from the self-service portal. There are a few points to note, which are worth mentioning first.

  • Self-registration is impossible in the Ultipro system, and every user is pre-registered by their employer. So every user has to collect a user id and password from his employer for initial use.
  • You must change the temporary password received from the employer at the time of initial use. And the password must be a standard value string and unique.
  • Ultipro has many sub-domains, and multiple companies use a subdomain. So there may not be a separate sub-domain for each company. So find out from your employer which sub-domain your organization uses. Many organizations should know the proper URL for this. Otherwise, you will waste your valuable time.
  • You can access your data from the Ultipro system for up to 3 years even if you take a break from the job of the designated organization.
  • You can also access your pay stubs and W2 forms using the UltiPro app. You will need your company’s access code for this.

How to log in?

  • Enter the UltiPro link received from the employer. You can find the specific link for your employer in the database below.
  • Log in with the initial username and password received from the job provider. If you do not know the initial username and password, search the database below.
  • Change the initial password to enter a challenging password that is not easily guessed. Hackers will try to access your account using your name, date of birth, car number, etc. So avoid creating passwords with a combination of such information. And choose a password you can remember.

How to view your Pay Stubs & W2s

To access your pay stubs or W2 form, you need to click on the Myself menu. The current Pay statement option will access your recent pay stubs. On the other hand, the W-2 option should be used for the W2 form. Consent for access to your W2 form online is required if it is being used for the first time.


Afni, Inc.

  • Founded as a consumer collection agency, the company today is a global network of over 10,000 employees who build strong customer relationships with product brands. The company uses the Ultipro system for all payroll-related work of its employees. Employees of Afni Inc can access their pay stubs and tax forms from Ultipro’s domain. Ultipro system can also be accessed by clicking on the link If your account is locked, you can reset it by calling 855-777-8278.

Alpha Metallurgical Resources

  • Alpha Metallurgical Resources is a coal supplier that employs approximately 2,500 people. The company uses the Ultipro system to distribute pay stubs and tax forms to all these employees. The link to Ultipro Self-Service Portal is You need to enter the first letter of the first part of your name + last name and a six-digit employee ID like dsmith123456 as username, and your first-time login password is your date of birth.

Applebee’s Restaurants LLC

  • Applebee’s restaurant staff will use the self-service portal at To log in, add the last four digits of your social security number to the first part of your name, then @rmh. Use your date of birth as a temporary password.

Bojangles Restaurants, Inc

  • Bojangles Restaurants, Inc was founded in 1977 and has more than 700 restaurants. This organization also uses the UltiPro Self-Service System, and the self-service portal web link for their employees is

Burger King Corporation

  • Employees of Burger King Corporation can use the UltiPro Self-Service Portal. However, since Burger King has numerous independently operated franchises whose payroll systems are also operated independently, employees of all those franchisees are requested to obtain the address of the self-service portal from their respective employers. The designated Ultipro Self-Service Portal web address for Burger King Corporation is

Cardinal Glass Industries

  • Cardinal Glass Industries uses the web link to distribute pay stubs and tax forms to its employees. However, you can also access your self-service portal through the web address. Follow the instructions given at the beginning of the article to log in.

Delta Sonic

  • As a car care company, Delta Sonic’s services are unique. The company has more than 2000 employees, and this company also uses the UltiPro system. Ultipro’s assigned domain for Delta Sonic is

Eat’n Park Restaurants

  • Eat’n Park’s food service company runs with the tireless efforts of more than ten thousand employees. Eat’n Park’s restaurants are unique for personalized dining. Considering the benefits of the employees who run the restaurants with tireless efforts, the company has agreed with Ultipro. So as an employee of Eat’n Park, you can use the UltiPro Self-Service Portal. The web address for your Ultipro self-service portal is


  • As an employee of Electrolux, you can access the self-service portal. Your username is the first letter of the first part of your name, followed by the last detail. Then enter the month and day of your birth date. Note that if your last name is more than five characters, the first five characters should be inserted, e.g., dclink0905. And your full date of birth should be used as a temporary password.

Food City

  • Food City, a supermarket chain, employs around 16,000 people. The company has set up an UltiPro self-service portal from which employees can easily set up their direct deposit accounts and access pay stubs and tax forms. The web address of this self-service portal is

Goodwill Industries International, Inc.

  • The UltiPro Self-Service Portal web address is also different for different zones of the nonprofit Goodwill. Find out the address of the Ultipro Self-Service Portal of your zone from the table below.
ZoneSelf-service address
Goodwill Central Texas
Goodwill of southern and western Colorado
Goodwill Industries of Northwest North Carolina
Goodwill Industries of Kentucky
Goodwill New England
Goodwill of Southwestern Pennsylvania
Goodwill Minnesota
Goodwill Greater Cleveland and East Central Ohio
Memphis Goodwill Inc.

Habit Burger Grill

  • The Habit Burger Grill is a subsidiary of Yum Brands. In 2020, Yum Brands acquired the hamburger restaurant chain The Habit Burger. Despite the move to the new company, Habit Burger employees can still access their previous self-service portal, Ultipro (

Holiday Inn

  • Famous hotel brand Holiday Inn is one of the recipients of Ultipro. So as an employee of Holiday Inn, you can access the Ultipro Self-Service Portal, whose web link is New recruits are requested to collect usernames and passwords from the payroll office.

Ignite Restaurant Group

  • Employees of Ignite Restaurant Group can view and print their pay stubs and tax forms using as a self-service portal. The username must be the last part of your name + the first letter of the first part of the name and the last four digits of your social security number, e.g., smithd6789. Also, first-time users must enter their date of birth in mmddyyyy format as a temporary password.

Independent Support Services

  • The Ultipro Self-Service Portal link for Independent Support Services employees is First name + last name + @i should be used as a username, e.g., smithbrown@i. And the initial password will be your date of birth in the format MMDDYYYY.

Inter-Con Security Systems

  • Inter-Con Security Systems is a multinational private security services company with 35,000 employees. This company also uses UltiPro systems, and the Ultipro self-service portal link for them is Last name + date of birth (MMDDYYYY), i.e.,  smith02091989, as a user name and first initial of your first name + last name + your year of birth, i.e., dsmith1989, should be entered as a temporary password.


  • The Invalone One platform is a cloud-based system that includes solutions for healthcare providers, payers, pharmacies, and life sciences. The most significant advantage is that everything is available on the same platform. The company has over 3500 employees, for whom the self-service portal is


  • Lionbridge provides translation and localization solutions to companies and brands to reach global customers. Ultipro has a self-service portal for its more than 6,000 employees, whose link is Employees can download their pay stubs and W2 form from this self-service portal.

Menzies Aviation

  • Menzies Aviation has over 32,000 highly trained employees. Menzies Aviation uses UltiPro, one of the best cloud-based HCM software in the USA, to manage employee payroll. So employees can access pay and tax statements using Ultipro’s link.

Meridian Health

  • Meridian Health is a not-for-profit healthcare network. Under this, there are at least more than 500 patients care, more than 35 thousand team members, and 7 thousand physicians. This organization uses the Ultipro system to manage employee payroll, whose web link is  

Murphy USA

  • The gas station we see everywhere, along with Walmart parking lots, is Murphy USA. It’s unmatched for selling quality fuel. That’s why at least 2 million customers visit their gas stations daily. They have more than 1,650 gas stations, employing about 15,000 people. The Ultipro system is used for these workers. Ultipro’s assigned domain for Murphy USA employees is MUSA should be added to Register ID and used as a username, e.g., 2050225MUSA. And the date of birth in MMDDYYYY format should be used as a temporary password, which should be changed during initial login.


  • The link to Ultipro’s designated self-service portal for the thousands of employees working at PlanSource is If you are a first-time user, collect your username and temporary password from Payroll Office to log in to this self-service portal.

Romano’s Macaroni Grill

  • Ultipro’s designated self-service portal for Romano’s Macaroni Grill employees is To log in, connect the last part of your name with rmg, followed by the last four digits of your social security number. Password is the self date of birth must be in MMDDYYYY format. For example- rmgmorey6789.

Shake Shack, Inc.

  • As an employee of Shake Shak, Inc., use the last part of your name plus the last four digits of your Social Security Number as a username to log into the Ultipro Self-Service Portal. If you are a first-time user, use your date of birth as a temporary password.

Taco Mac Restaurant

  • Taco Mac Restaurant employees can access their pay stubs and tax forms from Ultipro’s self-service portal at The user name should be the first letter of the first part of your name, followed by the last part of your name. Then add the last four digits of your social security number, e.g., jorbonh6789.

Tesla, Inc.

  • If you are a Tesla Motors employee, you can access your payroll information by logging into the self-service portal at You can access your W2 form for at least three years, even after taking a break from the job.

Toms King

  • Tom’s King is a franchise of Burger King, and under whom there are at least 100 Burger King restaurants. This franchisee follows Burger King Corporation’s centralized payroll system and uses Ultipro’s self-service portal. The user must combine the last part of his name with the first letter of the first part of the name and, finally, the last four digits of the social security number as the username. And the date of birth should be used as a temporary password.

Valvoline Inc.

  • Volvo Line Inc. is the second largest oil change service provider in the US. In addition to car repair, it also manufactures and distributes a variety of chemicals and lubricants for automotive use. The organization has at least 10,000 employees, who can access their pay stubs and tax forms from the self-service portal.

Winking Lizard

  • The Winking Lizard Restaurant is primarily known as a whiskey and beer bar, and winking Lizard restaurants are more ordinary in the state of Ohio. Staff working in these restaurants can access pay stubs and W2 forms using the self-service portal.

Wis International

  • As an employee of Wise International, you can access your pay and tax statements by logging into the self-service portal.

Zoe’s Kitchen

  • Zoe’s Kitchen staff can access their payroll information using Ultipro’s app or web portal. If you want to access the app, this code (zoeskitchen) must be used as the employer access code. To access the web, you must log in through

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