Palomar Health Pay Stubs & W2s

Healthcare plays a vital role in our lives, and having access to quality medical services is essential for maintaining our well-being. In North San Diego County, significant development has occurred with aligning two renowned healthcare providers, Arch Health Medical Group and Graybill Medical Group, to form Palomar Health Medical Group (PHMG). This transformative collaboration aims to enhance the patient experience and improve regional healthcare services. Palomar has implemented the Infor Self-Service Portal to streamline the distribution of pay stubs and W2 forms and provide a centralized hub for HR-related information. In this post, I will explore the features and benefits of the Lawson Infor Self-Service Portal, demonstrating how Palomar Health employees can conveniently update personal information, access essential documents, and stay informed about their pay and tax information.

The establishment of Palomar Health Medical Group (PHMG) marks an important milestone in North San Diego County’s healthcare landscape. By bringing together Arch Health Medical Group and Graybill Medical Group, PHMG is poised to deliver enhanced medical services, improved patient experiences, and an increased focus on community well-being. With its extensive network of physicians, locations, and support staff, PHMG is well-positioned to meet the region’s healthcare needs while upholding its mission to develop the health and well-being of its communities.

How to Access Palomar Health Pay Stubs and W2s

The Infor Self-Service Portal offered by Palomar Health through Lawson provides an efficient and user-friendly solution for managing payroll and HR-related tasks. By leveraging this portal, employees can conveniently access and update their personal information, view pay stubs, and retrieve W2 forms, all from the comfort of their PHMG desktop computers. Palomar Health’s implementation of this technology demonstrates its dedication to enhancing employee experience and streamlining administrative processes, ultimately contributing to a more productive and engaged workforce.

Accessing the Infor Self-Service Portal:  Palomar Health employees must log in using their PHMG ID and password to access the Infor Self-Service Portal. For first-time users, the default password is “#Palomar” followed by the last four digits of their Social Security Number (SSN). After logging in, employees are directed to the main menu, which acts as a one-stop shop for all HR-related activities.

Updating Personal Information: The Lawson Infor Self-Service Portal allows employees to update their personal information conveniently. Users can navigate to the “Bookmarks” section from the main menu and hover over “Employee Self-Service.” This option allows employees to access a range of self-service functionalities, including updating addresses, phone numbers, emergency contacts, and more. To update your personal information, click “Personal Information” to ensure that employee records remain accurate and current, promoting effective communication and emergency preparedness.

Viewing Pay Stubs and W2 Forms: The Infor Self-Service Portal simplifies the process of accessing pay stubs and W2 forms for Palomar Health employees. Within the main menu, users can hover over the “Pay” section, where they will find various options related to their pay and tax information. To view pay stubs, employees can click “Pay Checks,” providing a comprehensive history of their earnings, deductions, and other relevant details. Similarly, to access W2 forms for tax purposes, employees can click on “Palomar Health Online W2s.” This feature eliminates the need for physical document distribution and enables employees to retrieve important information conveniently.

Benefits of the Infor Self-Service Portal: Adopting the Infor Self-Service Portal by Palomar Health brings several benefits to employees and the organization. Firstly, the centralized nature of the portal ensures that employees have easy access to their pay and tax-related information, reducing the need for manual inquiries or paperwork. Moreover, the self-service functionalities empower employees to take control of their personal information, enabling them to make updates or corrections when necessary.

Furthermore, the portal’s secure login system ensures sensitive data confidentiality, providing employees peace of mind. By eliminating the reliance on physical documents and providing a digital platform, Palomar Health demonstrates its commitment to sustainability and reducing its environmental impact.

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