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The Kroger Co. is one of the very oldest and top largest supermarket chains in American retailing industry which is going ahead at present with a purpose to feed the human spirit and creating a community with a vision as “Zero Hunger Zero Waste”. Now-a-days Kroger is serving more than nine million customers with almost half a million employees per day at more than 3,000 locations in 35 states of United States with different formats of stores like supermarkets, hypermarkets, department stores, jewelry stores, convenience stores, pharmacies etc. of different subsidiaries.

For the largest number of employees The Kroger Co. has recommended the SecureWEB portal or HR Express Application for pay stubs and Equifax Workforce Solutions’ Tax Form Management portal for W2 statements.

How to get access to Kroger pay stubs?

  • Go to Kroger’s employee web portal
  • You should read the statements above the login form.
  • Enter your Enterprise User ID (EUID) on the first text field. Your Enterprise User ID is not case sensitive so you can type it with upper case or lower case letters.
  • Enter your Password. Your password is case sensitive so be careful at the time of typing your password.
  • Now click on I AGREE button (It acknowledges that you have read the statements above the login form and you completely agree with that) to get access to your pay stub employee account.

[NB: Before you try to login to this portal please collect your Enterprise User ID and Password from your Employer or Information Security coordinator.]

You can change or reset your Password with clicking on Password Help link button on the login screen and follow the instructions properly.

Kroger HR Express

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  1. I need my w=2 from Kroger I no longer work there. How do I do this? My old number was fmxxxxx and social is xxxxxxx Frances Medina can you mail to me?

    • Veronica Gonzalez  |  

      Hi I used to work for Ralph’s and I need my w 2 stubs I already asked for them and I still haven’t gotten them

  2. I need to change my address so I can get my W2 sent to the correct address. My number was kh98299. My address was 2925 Johnson Ave NW, #9, Cedar Rapids, IA. My email address is Thank you for your help.

  3. I haven’t worked for Kroger for almost a year and can no longer access HR and I haven’t received my W2 in the mail. I am wondering how I can get a copy of my W2?

  4. Austin Best-Cutright  |  

    I am a former employee of Kroger (Fred Meyer) and am wondering how I would go about receiving my W2?
    I had the wrong address on file and would like one mailed to my current address.

  5. I’ve called the QFC corp. offce in in Bellevue, WA. The only ‘live’ person I was able to speak with worked in a different department than I wanted, but was the only person I could speak with. It took a bit but he said the W-2’s were mailed on Jan. 31st. It’s been 2 weeks. Today I call to a digital voice asking for my SSN. Seriously? That was not acceptable. After calling 4 numbers I was not able to get an answer. My only other option was to email a complaint and warn them my if I don’t get a reply I’m going to be report them to the IRS and the BBB…unless I get a response in 24 hrs.

  6. Brianne Caropolo  |  

    I need to access my last paystubs; where can I go for that? I went on maturnity leave and my employer at fred meyer terminated me in the system. I need to get my newborn son medicaid and I need my paystubs I’m order to do that.

      WHITEHOUSE TN 37188

  7. Constance Kirschbaum-Noble  |  

    I am a retiree in the VRO 3/31/2017 and no longer have access to HR Express.
    I need my last pay stub that should be available today.

  8. Ataeja Raenett Hogg  |  

    hi my name is Ataeja Hogg i know longer work for krogers on morse road i am asking if i can get my paystubs in the last 30 days ID;5936819

  9. my name is Tina Phelps, i now longer work for krogers i was wondering if i could get my w-2 either mailed to me or tell me how to get it

  10. Hello,

    My name is Colette Brett and I worked at the Kroger in Greenwood in 2016 from February to July, I believe. I was wanting to get another W-2 because mine was stolen. Please send me confirmation that you will be sending me another one in my email when you can send me one back.

    Thank You, Colette

  11. My name is Janelle Lee and I worked for King Soopers in September 2013 till April 2017. I would like to know if there is a way i could get my W-2 because I have tried to go on the website and it won’t let me. Please email or phone me. Thank you.

  12. hi my name is Chantz Peterson I am contacting you in behalf of my wife Kristina Peterson her employee ID is KT25201 and has not worked for Kroger for about a year and did not get her W2 in the mail and can not access the portal can you contact me

  13. I recently quit but my last pay is wrong. I do not have a computer at home and now I cannot access payroll as I am no longer active. How can I find out what I have been paid for.

  14. I worked for Kroger Pick n Save division at 1312 Park St. MADISON, WI 53715 for one day October 15, 2018 and never received a paycheck nor W2’s. I have been back to the store and no one could help me apparently the HR person that started training me is no longer there and the Store Director was no help either. I would like answers please as I am getting tired of reaching out with no positive outcome.

  15. Joseph E Jemello  |  

    I left the company around Sept 13th of 2019 and have not yet received my w-2 for taxes. I would greatly appreciate your assistance on this matter.

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