LGC Associates Pay Stub & W2s

LGC Hospitality is the leader of hospitality staffing company in the U.S, established in 2003 in Indianapolis. The company makes every effort to give the most effective-in-class experience for both clients and employees via excellent customer support and an assortment of work opportunities. After 17 years, LGC operates in 35 cities across the nation, proceeding to grow quickly across the nation.

LGC Now: In May 2019, the organization dispatched LGC Now, a staffing engagement tool that allows LGC workers to secure versatile work based upon their routine while providing clients with the possibility to obtain professional skills when they need it throughout a mobile marketplace.

Doculivery: Doculivery is a digital pay-roll provider that enables workers to establish and access their payroll info via a web-based site that stores payroll files for every worker. Your company (LGC Hospitality staffing) is utilizing this Doculivery system to offer a digital pay-roll solution to associates. Through this doculivery site, LGC associates can elect to have emails or SMS message notifying them that their paystub is available. Form W-2’s will not upload to Doculivery system. This overview provides you with the fundamental quick-start info needed to sign in to the Doculivery.

Getting Started

  1. To establish and access your account, most likely to doculivery.com/lgc
  2. Enter your User ID.  Your USER ID is Your Social Security Number without any dashes.
  3. Enter your temporary password.  You will be needed to change your temporary password upon preliminary login. Your temporary PASSWORD is your given name and also the last four numbers of your Social Security Number.
  4.  Click on the login button.
  5.  When you have logged in and changed your password, please note your new password for future recommendation.
  6. Once signed in, you will see the main screen, which is sorted out by tabs. Click the Pay Stubs tab to see a listing of all pay dates for which you have a pay stub. To see the whole pay stub for a specific day, click on the view icon in the View column on the screen’s left side.
  7. Employees who experience difficulty getting to their pay stubs are approached to contact your local office.  All local office and its HR representative have accessibility to print employee’s payroll documents within their department.


According to the Payroll office, the company’s payroll partner Advance will mail your fundamental tax documents to the personal residence by January 31st. If you never got your W2, you can get an electronic copy emailed to you in mid-February when LGC receives them. After mid-February, you can contact your regional office to allow them to know that you’ve not obtained your W2 Form.