Martin Marietta Pay Stubs & W2s

Martin Marietta, a renowned member of the S&P 500 Index, is a leading American supplier of heavy building materials, including aggregates, cement, and ready-mixed concrete, with a vast network across 28 states, Canada, and the Bahamas. With a robust network and over 9,000 dedicated employees, the company ensures the construction of solid foundations for communities. Originating from Superior Stone in 1939, Martin Marietta has a rich history, evolving through various mergers, including with the American-Marietta Corporation and Glenn L. Martin Company, and a significant acquisition of Harvey Aluminum. In 1995, post-merger with Lockheed Corporation, Martin Marietta Materials emerged as an independent entity. The company is unwavering in its commitment to safety, integrity, excellence, community, and stewardship, striving to be a world-class organization with a clear mission, vision, and values. It champions diversity and innovation, aiming to impact communities and future generations positively. The Magnesia Specialties business segment of Martin Marietta notably produces high-purity magnesia and dolomitic lime products for global applications across various industries. While giving the introduction, I discussed something about Martin Marietta. Let’s discuss how Martin Marietta employees access their pay stubs and tax forms.

How to Access Martin Marietta Pay Stubs & W2s?

Martin Marietta, a key player in the building materials industry and a member of the S&P 500 Index, provides its employees with a streamlined and secure way to access their pay stubs and W2 forms through ADP, a leading payroll service provider. This service extends to both active and terminated employees, ensuring that tax forms remain accessible for up to 36 months post-termination.

Navigating the ADP Self-Service Portal:

Upon visiting, Martin Marietta employees are welcomed with an array of functionalities on the ADP Self-Service Portal. This platform allows for viewing and updating personal, emergency contact, and work information and enables access to pay statements, annual W2 forms, and attendance records. To enhance security and user experience, the portal offers features for updating security questions and answers, changing passwords, and activating mobile phone numbers for security notifications.

Registration and Access:

  • Creating an Account: Start by navigating to and click “Create Account.”
  • Verification: Choose between “Find Me” or “I Have a Registration Code,” providing the necessary personal or organizational registration code as shared by your administrator.
  • Identity Verification: Enter your personal details, including your name, date of birth, and legal ID or Employee ID/Associate ID.
  • Security Code: Validate your identity by entering the verification code sent to your recorded email or mobile number.
  • Contact Information: Update your primary contact details, ensuring that you can receive account notifications and verify your identity when required.
  • Accessing Pay Information: After registration, sign in using your user ID and password, navigate to the “Pay” menu to access your pay stubs and W2 statements, and opt for “Go Paperless” if you prefer electronic copies.

Stay Connected On-the-Go:

Enhancing accessibility, Martin Marietta employees can stay connected and manage their payroll information effortlessly using the ADP Mobile App. This app provides access to pay statements and deduction details and facilitates benefits review and participation in open enrollment periods.

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