Prestigious Placement Pay Stubs & W2s

How to Access Prestigious Placement Pay Stubs and W2s Online?

In this modern era of the 21st century, the journey of this Prestigious Placement employment agency started in 2012 with several modern facilities for its workforce, which provides various employment-related services. At Prestigious Placement, 100% guarantee and bold promises are given on the skills and performance of the employees through whom the services are provided as the skills, work ethic, and mindset are enhanced through individual training and evaluation of each employee. Moreover, there are numerous non-traditional benefits for all concerned employees, such as dental health programs, disability accessibility, Uber access for transportation services, special discounts for employees in partner organizations providing child care services, and car lots based on employee credit status. The most essential and exceptional thing is that you can get an advance paycheck up to 4 days in advance and a credit score repair program to remove your negative impacts here. And has a long-term contract with the ADP Employee Self-Service Portal to manage employee payroll and distribute weekly Pay Stubs and annual W2s.

  • As the security system of ADP Employee Self-Service Portal is top class, the employees must complete the registration procedure, which is a bit complicated. Because here, several verifications must be done to complete the registration process. But don’t worry; I will guide you through the registration process.
  • The ADP Employee Self-Service Portal registration process will begin by accessing this link ( and then navigating to the “Create Account” option. You need to proceed to the next step by providing a personal registration code, which will be emailed after recruitment. It is a security feature of the ADP portal so that anyone outside the contracted company cannot access and register. Then input your personal information in the form in the “Identity-Info” step. Here, too, verification has to be done for the system’s security, with the option to answer a few identity questions or a phone number. Then in the “Contact Info” step, you have to save the email address and phone number after completing the verification process. The last step is to create your password and accept the terms and conditions of the system. The instructions for the password will be given on the screen. And there will be a checkbox for the terms and conditions. And above the create password panel, you will get a User ID generated by the system.
  • At the end of the registration process, carefully notice the welcome message on the screen. If the account is not activated or the activation link is sent to the email, activate by clicking on it. If you need to wait a certain amount of time, do so. And if the account is activated, sign in from the Sign in page and reach the dashboard.
  • When accessing any online system for the first time, one must check some features, follow the formalities, and update if necessary. Here, please check the correctness of the bank information by entering the “Direct Deposit” feature, and online delivery should be “Yes” in the “Go Paperless” feature. Also, save the notification settings as you like.
  • Pay Stubs: For Pay Stubs, access the “Pay” menu from the ADP dashboard, and your latest updated pay statement details will be available in the display area. To view previous pay stubs, enter “View All Pay Statements.”
  • W2 Statements: W2 Statements are available under the “Tax Statements” option. You need to enter that option and select the desired year. Then you can see the details and download also.

Disclaimer: The Prestigious Placement and Prestigious Placement logos are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of Prestigious Placement Inc.

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