Xanitos Pay Stubs & W2s

How to Access Xanitos Pay Stubs and W2s Online?

Good hospital management is essential for patient satisfaction, ensuring good treatment. Hospitals require a mix of treatment and management. There are three parties in a hospital: the owner, the doctor, the nurse, the midwife, the ward boy, the cleaner, the guard, and the patient. Management is an entirely different matter, and it is also challenging. The main focus should be on increasing the institutional capacity of the entire health system and improving overall management to ensure good health care for the patient. Hospital management is a scientific subject and requires a professional mathematical approach to be successful in it. One such management company is Xanitos, started in 2008 by a great man with four decades of leadership experience in the hospital and healthcare industry. It provides various high-quality services, such as environmental, ambulatory EVS, patient monitoring, patient transport, linen distribution, laundry management, etc., through excellent operation management at a significantly low cost. In addition, Xanitos also manages company payroll at a low cost on ADP Employee Self-Service Portal and distributes Pay Stubs & W2s to all types of staff.

  • There are specific rules or procedures for accessing any online system; where the first rule is that you must have an account in the system. In the registration process, you must open an account and understand your User ID and Password. Then sign in to the system using User ID and Password. Then you can access the information and documents you need from the system dashboard.
  • For registration, you need to go to any system-specific option and start the process. For registration in the ADP Employee Self-Service portal, first, navigate to the Sign-in page and go to the “Create Account” option. ADP Sign-in page link is https://my.adp.com.
  • It is a very secure system, and there are step-by-step security measures so that no one can make any illegal intrusion. The first step in the Account Creation process is to start with a registration code provided to users directly or via email. As an employee of Xanitos, you should receive a PRC (Personal Registration Code) via email and enter your “Identity-Info” in the “I Have a Registration Code” option. As usual, after providing “Identity-Info,” you must verify them through code verification via phone number. You can also verify by answering some identity questions according to your personal information provided on the file with your employer at the time of your recruitment; otherwise, you will not be able to proceed further in the process.
  • Then in the “Contact Info” step, you must provide your email address and phone number through the verification process, and in this case, each email and phone number you provide will be verified through a different code.
  • You’re nearly at the end of the account creation process, and here you will find your User ID automatically generated. However, your password must be created according to all the criteria, and instructions are given below the input box. Now all that is left is to accept the system’s terms and conditions. For that, click on the checkbox below and complete the process by clicking on the “Create Your Account” button. Now you can reach the ADP dashboard by signing in with your User ID and Password whenever you need.
  • Direct Deposit: This “Direct Deposit” option is available to check or update your bank information from the “Pay” menu.
  • Go Paperless: This “Go Paperless” option can set the online delivery setting to “Yes” and select the notification setting.
  • Pay Stubs: Recently updated Pay Stubs can be seen by entering the “Pay” menu. However, the “View All Pay Statements” option is available to view the complete list.
  • W2 Statements: Entering the “Tax Statements” option and selecting the year, the W2 Statements will appear on the screen.

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