Rite Aid Pay Stub Online

Rite Aid offers to their employee to access pay stubs online from the ePayroll site via rNation portal. ePayroll is convenient, safe, and secure and provided to you free of charge, and it is also faster than a paper pay stub. You can also access ePayroll or paperless-pay service from home or work, online or via the phone by calling at 1-800-694-3729. If you are a newly hired employee, you must collect an associated ID from your payroll/HR office to access ePayroll site. Your login information (Associate ID and PIN) is the same for both the web and IVR. If you have this information and want to access online- follow the following steps-

Getting Started

  1. Log into the rNation portal with your employee ID and PIN (the default PIN is RA plus your SSN’s last six digits). You will be prompted to change during the first login session and every 90 days.  
  2. Click on rNation Associated Website under the My Application menu. A welcome page will then appear where you will see a few of the menu with submenu (The Rite Aid Experience, The News, Payroll & Benefits, Questions & Answers, and Opportunities).
  3. To access your pay stubs, click on My Payroll under Payroll & Benefits.
  4. Then click on the Click here link to go to the ePayroll site. There is no need to log in again.

 View Pay Stubs

If you have already completed the steps described in the Getting Started section, you can now access your pay stubs from the ePayroll website. Click on Pay Stubs>>PayStub Details>>Print. If you need to view a PayStub further back in time, you must enter a new date range in the boxes. The date range entered cannot exceed one year or twelve months.

If you are a former employee, you can follow the following steps to access your pay stubs that cannot exceed twelve months.

To access, visit https://paperlesspay.talx.com/riteaid. Some of the time, you will be asked for an employee code. If asked for your employer code, please enter 70131. This will link to the Rite Aid paperless-pay page where you have to click on the “Click Here to Login” link.

Enter your associate ID. Your associate ID appears on paper pay stubs.
If you are a new employee, enter your initial PIN, it is the last four digits social security number or combination with date of birth; please request your colleague or manager for an initial PIN.

You must complete Risk-based authentication as a new user. It is six steps. To set up, click on Enroll Now. At first, chose yes or no to remember your PC, take a security image, add your phone number, choose few listed security questions and provide the answer, and at the end, complete by reviewing all provided data.

Change the initial PIN to your choice. The PIN must be 8-16 digits long and contain numbers only.

Login with a new PIN, your account setup process has completed. Next time, you will not ask to set up risk-based authentication. You will log in with the associate ID and PIN.

For more information about your payroll and W2s, you may call at (717) 761 2633 and press 3, then 1, and then 3 to talk with a representative.