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Ulta Beauty is a leading American beauty retailer headquartered in Bolingbrook, Illinois. With over 25,000 products from 500 beauty brands, Ulta Beauty offers a wide range of cosmetics, fragrances, skincare, haircare, and bath and body products, catering to high-end and low-end preferences. Their stores also feature full-service salons providing various beauty services. Ulta Beauty is now the most prominent beauty store in the USA and prides itself on personalized service, inviting stores, and its Ultimate Rewards loyalty program. Founded in 1990, Ulta Beauty revolutionized the beauty retail experience by combining a comprehensive selection of beauty products under one roof. It has since expanded to operate 1,355 stores across all 50 states, including locations within Target stores. Ulta Beauty has gained recognition for its commitment to diversity and partnerships, such as joining the 15 Percent Pledge and collaborating with Allure magazine. This article describes how to register for Online pay stubs and W2 Services and opt into paperless delivery of your W-2? what benefits does Ulta Beauty offer? And how to access UltaNet?

What benefits does Ulta Beauty offer?

Ulta Beauty offers comprehensive benefits to both Full-Time and Part-Time associates. Full-Time employees receive a range of benefits, including a choice of two medical PPO plans, dental and vision coverage, life insurance, flexible spending accounts, disability coverage, paid time off, holiday pay, and home, auto, and pet insurance. Part-Time associates receive dental and vision coverage, life and disability coverage, and lifestyle benefits such as accident insurance. Regardless of status, all associates can participate in the 401(k) plan with a company match, have access to an Associate Assistance Plan and Associate Relief Program, and benefit from training and development programs. Additionally, all associates enjoy a generous employee discount of 25% off retail products and 50% off salon services.

How to Access UltaNet?

UltaNet is the exclusive employee portal of Ulta Beauty, accessible only at Ulta locations. Due to the sensitive nature of the information it contains, access is restricted to on-site work computers. Corporate associates can log in using their My Ulta Apps login and password, while Retail, Beauty Services, and DC associates use their SAP ID # and password. The SAP ID # can be found in the upper right corner of their pay stub. In case of password retrieval, employees can reset it through the Ulta Support portal on UltaNet. The portal allows employees to print necessary documents from any computer for personal use at the office or workstation.

How to Access Your Pay Stubs and W-2s at Ulta Beauty through ADP

As an employee at Ulta Beauty, it’s essential to have easy access to your paystubs, W-2s, and other employment-related information. Ulta Beauty utilizes ADP, an online payroll and human resources management platform, to provide employees with a convenient way to view and manage their financial documents. In this article, I will guide you through creating an ADP account, accessing your paystubs, and opting for paperless delivery of your W-2s.

  • Step 1: Open the ADP Registration Website

To get started, visit the registration website address: my.adp.com. If you’re a new user, follow the instructions to create a new account. For returning users, log in using your username and password. For added convenience, you can download the ADPMobile App to your mobile device and set up a biometric login option.

  • Step 2: Create Your ADP Account

If you’re a new user, click the “New user? Get Started” link to create your ADP account. This will initiate the registration process.

  • Step 3: Enter the Registration Pass Code

Select the option “I have a Registration Code” and enter the Registration Pass Code, which is ULTA-ulta100. Click “Continue” to proceed.

  • Step 4: Provide Your Information

You’ll be asked to enter your first name, last name, and either your Social Security Number (SSN) or your SAP ID (also known as your Associate ID). It is recommended to enter your SSN for identification purposes.

  • Step 5: Complete the Verification Process

Follow the prompts provided by ADP to complete the verification process. This may involve entering your email address, phone number, and other required information. Activating your email and mobile phone number is recommended to receive important notifications from your organization or ADP.

  • Step 6: Create Your User ID and Password

After completing the verification steps, ADP will assign you a system-generated user ID. Choose a unique password that meets the specified criteria, such as containing between 8 and 20 characters and having at least one alphabetic and one numeric character.

  • Step 7: Set Up Security Questions

Select a few security questions from the drop-down menu and provide your answers. These questions will be used to recover your password if you forget it. Finally, click on “Register Now” to complete the registration process. ADP will send you an email with instructions to activate your email address. Click the link in the email to complete the activation process.

  • Step 8: Sign in to ADP and Go Paperless

Once you have registered, sign in to ADP using your credentials on the main page. Upon your initial login to ADP, you will be prompted to “Go Paperless.” Choose “Yes” to accept this option. If you haven’t started the process, click on your name in the upper right corner and select “Settings” from the drop-down menu.

  • Step 9: Opt for Paperless Statements

In the “Go Paperless” pane, slide the button next to “Receive Paperless statements” to the right. Review the information provided and mark the checkbox next to “Receive Paperless Annual Tax Statements.” Click “I Agree” to proceed.

  • Step 10: Accessing Pay Stubs

To view your pay statements, navigate to “Myself > Pay > Pay & Tax Statements” and click on “Pay Statements.” This page will allow you to view and print your weekly pay stubs.

  • Step 11: Accessing Tax Statements

To view your tax statements, go to “Myself > Pay > Pay & Tax Statements” and select “Tax Statements.” Choose the desired tax year on this page to view the corresponding details. ADP retains your annual statements for three years.

By following the steps outlined above, Ulta Beauty employees can easily create an ADP account, access their paystubs and tax statements, and opt for paperless delivery of essential documents such as W-2s. ADP provides a user-friendly platform that streamlines the process of managing your employment-related financial information. With just a few steps, you can conveniently view and print your paystubs and tax statements, ensuring a hassle-free experience with your financial records at Ulta Beauty.

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