Kroger Employment Verification

Kroger do not provide employment verification in their branches, retail stores or corporate office. If you are require an employment verification you will do by following way. You will need to provide the following information to the agency, landlord or company that has requested the verification.

If the employment verification service needed for social service agency, you will not require creating salary key. Just provide your employer cod; 10575 and enterprise user ID and tell them to verify through or 1-800-660-3399.

If the employment verification needed for commercial purpose, you must create six digits salary key to verify your income. You can create your salary key by following way-

1. Simply go to the
2. Select I’m an Employee and click on Enter Site
3. Enter your employer code 10575 in the required box.
4. One the login page, enter your Enterprise user ID or EUID. It is not asking your social security number or employee ID. Click Continue.
5. Enter your PIN number; PIN number is the associate password of enterprise user ID. Click Login
6. If this is your firs time log-in, you must complete 6 steps risk based authentication. Click Enroll Now button to begin.
7. Once complete, change your password. And login again with new password.
8. Click on “Salary Key” tab from main menu.
9. Create “New Salary Key”.

Just provide your employer code 10575 and six digits salary key. Tell them to verify though or 1-800-367-569.0

The Work Number

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Comments (18)

  1. hello my name is John Vifquain I work at King Soopers #84. I have yet to receive my w-2 for 2017. Can you please mail this to my home address?

  2. Cody Smith-Comer  |  

    I need employment verification with income. The worknumber will not let me login since I’m a new employee. I am at store 11346. Please email me back. Need info ASAP for property management request. My store said they cant give me onboard letter. Very IMPORTANT. Thank you.

  3. Cody Smith-Comer  |  

    Please call me for information to receive an onboard letter for Fry’s 123 and employment verification. (619) 851-6884. Need ASAP. Thank you

  4. I am recently retired and can no !longer log into but I need a copy of pay stub for the week ending 12-29-18 Thank you i have tried everything to get this info. Even They said the employer number wasn’t valid. Could not get through the verification web site either.

  5. Charles E. Harris  |  

    Hello. My name is Charles Harris. I need my w2 from 2018. The address you have on file isn’t my current address. Please mail my W2 to 1701 Kingston St., Aurora CO, 80010

  6. Elizabeth Domanski  |  

    I am a retired employee from Kroger store 10575. I need my date of hire and last day of employment to file for social security disability.

  7. Hello my name is Tammy Royal from store #018 Anchorage Alaska. I need an employment verification letter, as soon as possible, as I am in the process of purchasing a vehicle. Thanks, Please call me at 907-602-6984 I will give a home email address to send to. Thanks.

  8. My name is Denise Poplin I worked at #437. I need my last pay stub for new job. My EUID # was dp76603. My husband Tom Poplin from #437 also needs his last pay stub. His EUID # was tp76603. Can you send them to 302 Scott St. A1, Salida Co. 81201. If you have any questions you can contact me at 719-966-9758. Thanks.

  9. I am in need of the last date I worked at Kroger’s in White Hall, a statement I can give to MCS for help with heating bills. The customer service person stated I needed to log on to the web site,but it will not let me in. She wasn’t very helpful when I called today, stated all I needed to do was to put my social in the website, and that won’t work either. I need this statement ASAP. Please help!!

  10. Therese M Brown  |  

    I am recently retired and can no longer log into I need a copy of my pay stubs for the weeks ending in 12/28/19, 1/4/20, 2/29/20 & 3/7/20.

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