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Securitas is a security services provider, including guarding, mobile guarding, remote guarding, and corporate risk management in the United States and Canada. In the USA, it is also a locally focused company in which Federal employee identification (FEIN) number is 71-0912217. The company has around 92,000 security officers with nearly 650 local branches in the USA. The company offers electronic payroll services for its US and Canadian employees to avoid local office visits each payday. Your earnings will automatically deposit into your bank account, and your pay stubs information will be obtainable online in the following way-

Remember, before setup a paperless-pay account, you must receive at least one payment processed by Securitas. Otherwise, you will not allow the design of your account.

US & Canadian Employees

If you are a US resident working at Securitas USA, the company designed a website named with TALX paperless pay. Please visit, which will be redirected to paperless pay for the Securitas US portal. See Resource for the link.

If you are a Canadian resident working at Securitas Canada, please visit the Securitas Canadian employee link.

1. Click on “Click Here to Login.”
2. If you are a US employee, you will be asked to key your social security number with dashes. If you are a Canadian employee, you will be asked to key in the login ID number that you received from your local office. If not, please contact your local office. Click Continue.
3. Key your PIN and click Login. If you’re a first-time user, your PIN is your date of birth in MMDDYY format without any dashes or slashes. Click Login
The following steps do not apply to return users. It is only for new employees. As initial users, you must set up risk-based authentication to enhance security. To set up, click on Enroll Now.

1. Select Yes / No to identify your computer. Click Continue
2. Pick a security picture, and click Continue.
3. Chose six security questions and provide answers. Click Continue
4. Add personal, work, and home phone numbers if available. Click Continue
5. Verify all provided answers and click Complete. If needed, edit; please click on Change or the Back button to go to previous steps.
6. Change the PIN of your selection. It must be 8 to 16 digits in length and contain numbers only.

After completing the setup process of risk-based authentication, you will log in with your new changed PIN. Select Print Pay Stubs at the Main menu. You must have a PDF reader application to view your pay stubs.

If you need more help or want to receive pay stubs via Fax, you may call 866-604-3729.

Securitas US Employee paperless pay
Securitas Canadian Employee paperless pay

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