Walmart One W2s

Wal-Mart encourages all associates (Wal-Mart Labs, Sam’s Club, Wal-Mart eCommerce) employees to access original copy their year-end wages and tax statements online. It is easy, fast, and accessible from anywhere with a secure website. The former and current employee will access their W2s in the following ways-

First, go to the Resource suggested Tax Form Management website. Enter the Walmart One employer code 10108 in the employer code or name box and click Go.

Enter your Social security number without dashes. Click “Continue”

Enter your PIN. If you are a current employee, your initial PIN is the last “Total current earning” with a decimal point. For example, your last total yearning is $410.32, and then your default PIN is 41032. If you are a former employee, your default PIN is the two digits month and two-digit year of their birth date. For example, your birthday is January 1990, and then your PIN is 0190. Click Login

If you are a first-time user or log in with a default PIN, you must set up a risk-based authentication service to enhance security. Click on Enroll Now

Select YES or NO to identify your PC. Click Continue.

Take a security picture and utilize the arrow key if required, click Continue.

There are six security questions. Choose them, give answers and click Continue.

Enter your phone number and email address, and click Continue.

Verify all specified data and confirm, click Complete. Change the opening PIN to your selection, click Change

Login with a new PIN and click the W-2 feature list on the main menu. Click on “Go Paperless”
If you want to enroll for online delivery of your original w2 (wage and tax statement online, click on Test Now to view a sample W-2.

Fill up the W-2 statement form with an email address, mailing address, phone, fax, etc., and click Save.

For more help, call the Tax Form Management service center at 877-325-9239.