7- Eleven Pay Stub and W2

7- Eleven US and Canadian employees are able to access their pay stub and w2 in electronic format. Pay stub and W2 in electronic format is a fast and easy way to receive online or through email. 7- Eleven recommends its employee to accept pay stub via paystub portal and W2 from paperlessemployee.com for all corporate and franchise employees. Before you being access paystub portal please have ready the following information-
1. A temporary code
2. Your social security number
3. Data of birth

Paystub portal for 7-eleven will not only provide your pay stub, it also deposit of earning to the bank account or pay card (if you have). To access, see following instruction-

Returning users will login with current user ID and password. But new employees should complete registration process. If you are working at least one payment period, you have received a temporary registration code to access your pay stubs. Just go to the resource suggested link and click on the “Register Now” link. You will see “Have a Temporary Registration Code?” in the next registration window and click this link. Key your temporary registration code it will prompt to established PIN number. If you are not yet receive temporary code, you may try to complete registration process with last 3 digits of social security number and data of birth and established a new PIN. You will not be able to setup paystub portal account until at least one payment processed by seven eleven.

To access year end tax information or W-2, please visit resource suggested link and complete registration process with required information. If you want to receive notification by email, please select email address under notification preferences option. If needed help, call at 1-800-360-1265.


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    I am working full time at corporate store and part time at with Franchisee. I already received my W2 fro corporate store but I didn’t get my W2 from franchisee store. where I should contact.

  2. Can not get my w-2!! Tried MANY times,keeps telling me the code,that I recieve in a phone call,is not accurate. Please fix this,I really need my w-2. It’s ridiculous we can’t access it!

  3. After repeated attempts this portal is still giving issues. This was not explained during process of being hired and after being treated POORLY in store #33533 by management when requested time for FMLA I was terminated and then put in other stores as needed (including 33533) until I found other employment. This is not a company that values hard workers or students trying to pay the bills and it’s unfortunate. Would be nice to have option of getting W2 at store on paper; however, with shady employees that would be an identity theft risk.

  4. Sharon Mckinney  |  

    I have tried over 15 times to get my W2 information from 7-11 portal, I tried down loading several times but it failed each time.I asked that it be sent by mail, and today makes the ninth day and it still hasnt come in the mail., I am no longer employed by 7-11 but I still need these W2 by tommorow.

  5. I have tried many times to get my w2 2017. I shortly work for 711 ,I am no longer employed. Please send me my w2 2017 so I can file my taxes.

  6. I’m a former employee of 711 and I have not received my w2 and it’s almost the middle of February I also cannot get in to the link given for some reason is there any other way I can get my w2 possibly via e-mail?

  7. I’m pretty sure this is a waste of time for me posting this up since no one seems be getting any answers. I’ve been trying to look up my W2 online but I haven’t had any luck. Does anyone know what’s the next best move?

    • Hey,
      call 1-800-360-1265 and provide all the requested infos. they will fax or mail it to you between 7 to 10 business 10 days.
      store code is 711. DO NOT use store #
      employee # on your paystub
      other personal infos like SSN …

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