Adidas Pay Stubs & W2s

How to Access Adidas Pay Stubs and W2s Online?

Anyone who enjoys running or jogging needs running shoes that are incredibly comfortable to wear. Traditional brand Adidas offers a wide range of Adidas running shoes in different models, designs, materials, and features. Thus, the desired model can be perfectly matched to the type of run and the surface, and Adidas shoes provide maximum stability to the feet. It sounds like the word “Adidas” is an anagram of the phrase “All day I dream of sports,” but the athletic wear company got its name from its founder, Adolf Dassler. Although it started the business earlier under a different name, the company under the brand Adidas has been manufacturing and supplying sports shoes, sportswear, watches, belts, bags, etc., for more than seven decades in the sports goods manufacturing industry. Adidas, Europe’s largest and the world’s second-largest sportswear manufacturer company, has approximately 60,000 employees worldwide. Adidas management uses the ADP Global View Payroll Portal to provide all employees with their pay stubs and the Tax Form Management Web Portal to provide the US employees with their W2s.

Access to the ADP Global View Payroll Portal for Pay Statements

  • Since Adidas conducts its business in different countries worldwide, they have to distribute pay stubs to employees employed in other countries. And ADP Global View Payroll Portal is a simple multi-country international payroll solution.
  • To access the portal, employees need to log in only by directly providing login credentials (User ID & Password). All new and old employees get registered by the system authority on the portal after being recruited here. So if you don’t know your login credentials, please collect them through Human Resource Department, Payroll Department, or your employer.
  • Those who know their login credentials, first reach the portal login page through this link (, enter their User ID & Password, and click on the “Log In” button.
  • Those logging in here for the first time need to change their password as the authorities provide a temporary password only for the initial login. Follow the system instructions to change the password and provide your email address and active cell phone number as contact information.
  • Then, access your pay stubs, including other payroll-related information and benefits, from the dashboard.
  • For old users to recover passwords, click “Forgot your password” below the login panel and wait for the steps to load. Then verify your identity by providing your “User ID” in the first step, answer the security question in the second step, reset the password in the third step and confirm in the final step to complete the process.

Access the Tax Form Management Web Portal for W2s – (US Employees Only)

  • US employees working at Adidas must reach the Tax Form Management Web Portal login page using this link ( to have the W2s document. Then enter the Adidas employer code (51510) of this portal and click on the “Login>>” button. Now returning or old users can log in to the dashboard by providing “User ID” on the left side and, in the next step, “Password.”
  • However, new users or recruits must first create an account in the registration process through the “Register Now” option on the right side. So in the first step of registration, you need to provide your First Name, Last Name, SSN or SIN, and Date of Birth and continue to the next step. Then follow the system instructions step by step to complete the registration process by providing email and phone number as contact information, answering security questions, and creating login credentials. Finally, to receive your W2s documents online, read the disclosure in “Consent for Online Delivery” and mark the checkbox to give consent.
  • From now, you can view, download or print your W2s documents by logging in any time after W2s are updated on the portal, usually by January 31.

Disclaimer: The Adidas and Adidas logos are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of Adidas AG.

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