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How to Access Agnico Eagle Pay Stubs Online?

Agnico Eagle Mines Limited (or Agnico Eagle for short) is a top Canadian company in the mining industry as a gold producer and high-quality product manufacturer, offering an excellent place for employees to work in an easy-to-understand business environment. Here, as the performance is increased through a high-quality pipeline by providing different types of support to the employees in the workplace, employee confidence in the company is also created by using online payroll management with modern technology. Employees can receive their pay stubs timely through the ADP Self Statement Service.

Access your Pay Statements in the ADP Self Statement Service

  • Since Agnico Eagle is a Canadian-based company, employees must access their Pay Stubs by logging into the Canadian website of the ADP Self Statement Service (URL:
  • Now, if your employer or payroll administrator has provided your User ID, Password, and Client Number either directly at the time of recruitment or via email after recruitment, then complete the login process by visiting this link ( If any, follow the subsequent instructions (change password, save answers to security questions, provide contact information, etc.), and reach the dashboard to access the Pay Stubs.
  • However, suppose you have not been given a user ID and password by the Agnico Eagle employer or payroll administrator. In that case, you must first create an account on the ADP Self Statement Service in the registration process through this link (
  • Before starting the registration process, get the client number and company code from your employer or payroll administrator. Then visit the registration link, choose your preferred language, and click the “I Agree” button to give Employee Consent. Then enter the required information according to your most recent pay stub, and remember that all the information is case sensitive. The first step is to input your full name, client number, and date of birth (in YYYY-MM-DD Format). Then enter company code, hire date (in YYYY-MM-DD Format), employee ID, payment date from last pay statement (in YYYY-MM-DD Format), and net pay from last pay statement consecutively.
  • In the next step, create the security information or your user ID and password following the given format or requirements, note it down, and save it. Then provide your email address and answer three security questions. Finally, select “Pay Statements” as “Statement self Service Option” and “Continue.” Now you have successfully registered in “ADP Self Statement Service.”
  • Now you can access your pay stub from the “Homepage”>”Pay”>”Pay Statements” after logging in to (

US employees access Pay Stubs and W2s from the US site of the ADP Self Service Portal

  • Agnico Eagle’s US employees will receive their Pay Stubs & W2s from the ADP Self Service Portal’s US site (
  • If you don’t have an account here, visit the link, enter the “Create Account” option, and start the registration process by entering the registration code (if available) or by using the Find Me (via email or phone number on file with Agnico Eagle) option. Then provide Identity-Info, and Contact Info correctly; complete the registration process by creating your User ID and Password in the Create Account step. Apart from this, opting in to Go Paperless, answering security questions, validating information in the code verification process, etc., as per the system instructions.
  • Then log in to the portal and receive Pay Stubs and W2s from the “Pay” menu. You can also download or print your documents from here and save them as needed.

Disclaimer: The Agnico Eagle and Agnico Eagle logos are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of Agnico Eagle Mines Limited.

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