Airgas Pay Stubs & W2s

How to Access Airgas Pay Stubs and W2s Online?

Any company has to adopt some particular policies to attract the best employees or retain them in the company after recruitment. Because it is difficult for any company to succeed without hiring the best employees and keeping them for a long time, the policymakers of the company need to pay attention to many issues, such as employee demand and various benefits. Issuance of pay stubs and W2 statements electronically plays a significant role in most cases with employee-centric payment facilities. After considering the good things, Airgas company management was attracted to ADP’s innovative technology and workflow and contracted ADP to manage the payroll department at a low cost. Employees are now paid 100% electronically and can receive their pay stubs and w2s quickly by accessing the ADP’s online system. Now If I am talking about the Airgas Company, it is a leading company in the North America-based gas and chemical manufacturing industry. The company was founded approximately four decades ago and now operates the retail business with over 1,100 locations throughout North America, serving the industrial and healthcare sectors.

Access to your Airgas Pay Statements and year-end tax statements on the ADP Employee Self-Service Portal

  • ADP Portal is a standard self-service portal where users first complete the registration process and create an account. For this, necessary instructions are given by the company through the appropriate authorities. So now, let’s start the registration process by visiting the ADP portal sign-in page link (
  • From the sign-in page, after entering “Create Account,” these two options, “Find Me” and “I Have a Registration Code,” are available. Now the question is, which way will we continue? If the Airgas authority has given any registration code during recruitment or through email, we will continue by providing it in the “I Have a Registration Code” option; otherwise, we will proceed through the “Find Me” option.
  • The “Find Me” option requires you to find your profile through your personal or contact information from the information you provided on Airgas Company’s file at the time of your appointment. Then after giving the last four digits of your SSN ADP system will send a verification code to your email, and by providing that verification code, you have to reach the “Contact Info” step. On the other hand, if you proceed with the registration process by providing the registration code, you will have to provide “Identity-Info” in the next step. If you have a Capital One bank account, you can import your required information here with one click. However, in this case, you also have to complete the verification process by receiving the verification code on the phone number and providing it or answering some identity questions correctly based on your personal information on the Airgas file.
  • Then you must provide your email address and phone number as your contact information and create your password. Check the system requirement for password creation, and note down the system-generated user id for you, as you will always need to login into the portal with this user id and password.
  • When your ADP account is activated, log in to the portal and select the option of receiving your W2 statement “online” from “Go Paperless.” And yes, the “Go Paperless” option is in the “Pay” menu. Another important thing is the “Direct Deposit” option (if you need to update the bank information, correct it immediately) which is also in this “Pay” menu.
  • Pay Statements & W2 Statements: By entering the “Pay” menu first, the latest pay stub detail is available, and under “View All Pay Statements,” all past pay stubs are available. The W2 statement will have to wait until the end of the year and will be updated in the “Tax Statements” option during the last week of January. By setting up W2 Notifications in the “Go Paperless” option, you will receive a notification as soon as your W2 is updated here.

Disclaimer: The Airgas and Airgas logos are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of Airgas, Inc.

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