Collins Aerospace Pay Stubs & W2s

How to Access Collins Aerospace Pay Stubs and W2s Online?

An unprecedented invention of modern science is the aircraft and aviation system. Due to this, any distant place on Earth looks pretty close today. And people have completed the lunar expedition from the Earth and are now rushing toward Mars. Collins Aerospace is a fast-growing aviation and aerospace component manufacturing company that has become the world’s largest supplier of products to the aerospace and defense sector in less than four years. Collins Aerospace is constantly researching and working to make aviation smarter, faster, and safer by using advanced technology to meet the most difficult challenges of aviation. Approximately seventy-one thousand employees are engaged in over three hundred locations, relentlessly providing technologically advanced and intelligent solutions to various levels of aerospace and military sectors. For managing this huge Collins Aerospace workforce efficiently and considering the employees’ benefits, the company uses advanced technology-based human resources and payroll management portal ADP Payroll Portal, one of the best payroll systems of today. The main point of this article or the primary purpose of you (Collins Aerospace Employee) visiting here is how you can quickly receive your Pay Stubs and W2s on time from this ADP Payroll Portal; I am explaining this in detail in a straightforward way.

How to Access Collins’s ADP Portal?

Talking about access to ADP Payroll Portal, first of all, you have to have an account in this portal, and with the login credentials of that account, you have to access with your User ID and password through the login process.

So if you don’t have an account on this portal, open an account by following my instructions strictly.

  • Getting started: Visit this link on the ADP portal (, click on the “Create account” link at the very bottom, and enter Collins Aerospace’s employee registration code (UTC1-ipay) under “I HAVE A REGISTRATION CODE.” Don’t worry if you see Raytheon Technologies mentioned anywhere in the next step because Raytheon Technologies is the parent company of Collins Aerospace. They all use the same registration code.
  • Identity-Info: Without any thought, enter your identity information First name, Last name, one of these (Employee ID, SSN, EIN, or TIN), select Birth month and day from the dropdown menu, and continue to the next step after a code verification through a phone number.
  • Contact Info: Now provide your primary and backup contact information in the “Contact Info” step. If code verification is required, complete it and continue to the next step.
  • Create Account: In this step, create a unique user ID, create a strong and case-sensitive password, re-enter the password you created, click on the checkbox of “Terms and Conditions,” and click on “Create Your account.”
  • Before the next twenty-four hours, you will be sent an email with instructions to activate your account. After receiving the email, follow the instructions, log in to the account with your user ID and password, and access the portal’s homepage.
  • Activate the “Go Paperless” option from the dashboard to receive your pay stubs and W2s online through this ADP Payroll Portal only.
  • Pay Stubs & W2s: Pay Stubs & W2s are available to all users under the “Pay” menu on the ADP homepage. Then, by selecting the specific year in “View All Pay Statements,” you will see a year-wise list of your pay statements by pay date. And W2s are titled by particular year in the “Tax Statements” option. Click on any pay date (year in the case of W2s) (or there may be a “View” button next to it) and download by clicking the View or Download button. And after opening the statement for viewing, it can be printed through the print option.

Disclaimer: The Collins Aerospace and Collins Aerospace logos are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of Collins Aerospace.

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