Interstate Warehousing Pay Stubs & W2s

How to Access Interstate Warehousing Pay Stubs and W2s Online?

A warehouse is a commercial building that is generally used for storing goods. Warehousing refers to the wide-ranging set of activities in keeping inventory in a business. The primary function of warehousing is to store goods or goods before moving them to another location. For a small home-based business, warehousing can be done in a spare room, while a large and well-established business may require a separate building or warehouse center. Many companies that do not have the space to store goods outsource these services and hire third-party warehouse service providers. Third-party logistics helps keep the product and handles the tracking process for some fees. One such company in the warehousing and storage industry is Interstate Warehousing, a Tippmann Group company subsidiary. With five decades of experience, the company operates eight public refrigerated warehouses with QFR (Quick Freeze Racking) Zones across the United States. As well as providing high-quality services with the latest technology to the customers, the workforce is also equipped with modern payroll facilities through which they can quickly receive their Pay Stubs and W2s.

Access your Interstate Warehousing Pay Statements & W2s in ADP Employee Self-Service Portal

The ADP Employee Self-Service Portal is an entirely self-service portal as everything needed to be accessed is done by you from start to finish. The employer will only provide a registration code and some instructions; however, you must complete the registration process yourself, and I am giving detailed instructions here to help you.

  • Visit the ADP Employee Self-Service Portal’s Sign-in page access link (
  • Visit the “Create Account” link for the registration process from the Sign in page.
  • Submit the code given to you by the employer in “I Have a Registration Code.” In many cases, ADP may also send you a Personal Registration Code via email and in that case, submit it here.
  • In the “Identity-Info” step, you must provide personal information. There are two ways to enter the data: the “Enter Information” option to input manually and the “Send verified info from your Capital One account” option below to import from the Capital One account automatically.
  • Now you have to verify your identity, and there are two ways “Verify using your phone number” and “Ask me a few identity questions.” In the case of the first, a verification code will be sent to your phone number, and you will have to submit it to the system. In the latter case, some identity questions will be asked based on your public records.
  • In the “Contact Info” step, you need to provide an email address and phone number that are always active and accessible to you, as all notifications will be sent to you through them. Be sure to verify the email address and phone number while providing it.
  • Keep a note of the User ID somewhere, so it does not get lost. Create your Password and understand the structure of the Password well by looking at the instructions.
  • Click the checkbox below to accept ADP’s terms and conditions and click the “Create Your Account” button when enabled.
  • Click “MyADP” after seeing the congratulatory message on the next screen. Enter User ID and click on the “Next” button, then enter Password and click on the “Sign in” button. Now, the screen you are seeing is your desired ADP Dashboard.
  • Pay Stubs & W2 Statements: In the menu bar on the left side of the dashboard, click on a menu called “Pay.” Now, look at the screen, and you will see your latest pay stub in detail. Click on “View All Pay Stubs” to view all pay stubs from the start of your job. And the “Tax Statement” option contains your W2 Statements.

Disclaimer: The Interstate Warehousing and Interstate Warehousing logos are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of Interstate Warehousing, Inc.

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