Parexel International Pay Stubs & W2s

How to Access Parexel International Pay Stubs and W2s Online?

Medication is an essential part of treatment, and advances in science led to the discovery of super drugs like penicillin. Also, science has discovered various medicines for common ailments like fever, cough, cold, headache, gastric, etc. Today, the discovery of multiple types of drugs has opened up new horizons in medicine. As a result of revolutionary changes in drug discovery, many complex diseases are now being treated with medications alone rather than surgery. Parexel International Corporation has been working tirelessly to improve world health for over forty years in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry and provides integrated consulting expertise and global clinical development capabilities. One of the top international clinical research organizations in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, offering services such as clinical trial management, regulatory consulting, medical writing, data management, pharmacovigilance, etc., focusing on developing new innovative therapies. Here, next-generation therapies are being shaped with the deep conviction of all employees in the light of empowerment and accountability while putting the patient first and maintaining quality with respect. However, the primary purpose of today’s article is to discuss in detail how Parexel International Corporation manages the payroll of nearly twenty thousand employees and distributes their Pay Stubs and W2s online through the ADP Employee Self-Service Portal.

Complete the Registration Process:

  • Now let’s access the portal. Well, are you an old user of this portal? I mean, do you already have an ADP account? Then visit the “Sign in” page ( and sign in by providing your User ID and Password.
  • Now those who do not have an account must first create an account through registration and become an authorized user. Enter “Create Account” from the “Sign in” page.
  • ADP provides an organizational registration code to all companies or a personal registration code to users via email for security reasons. Enter that code by clicking “I Have a Registration Code” and continue to the next step. Here in the “Enter Information” option, provide your identity information by understanding the input fields of the system and complete your identity verification through code verification. Additionally, your identity can also be verified by answering some security questions based on your public information. In this case, the system will send the code to the email address you provided to your employer at the time of joining Parexel International Corporation. US users can also import the required information from their Capital One account in this step.
  • Now in the ADP system, you need to provide “Contact Info,” through which important news, updates, or notifications will be provided to you. So after giving an email address and phone number, you must be confirmed through the verification process.
  • Now the only remaining thing is the account credentials, and the system assigns a User ID to all the users here. Users only need to generate the password where the requirements and instructions are also given on the screen. Every system has terms and conditions, and the system has to be used by accepting them. Complete the account creation through “Create Your Account” after clicking on the checkbox below.

Receive Pay Stubs & W2 Statements:

  • After accessing the ADP Employee Self-Service Portal dashboard, you will find your Pay Stubs and W2 Statements in the “Pay” menu. Usually, the latest pay stub is detailed in the “Pay” menu display. But if you want to see any of your previous pay stubs, you must go to the “View All Pay Statements” option. And if you go to the “Tax Statements” option and select the year, the W2 Statements of that particular year will be displayed.
  • However, if the documents are unavailable for new users, please go to the “Go Paperless” option and select “Yes” for online delivery. And check the bank information in “Direct Deposit” and update it if necessary.

Disclaimer: The Parexel International and Parexel International logos are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of Parexel International Corporation.

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