Republic Health Pay Stubs & W2s

How to Access Republic Health Pay Stubs and W2s Online?

Using world-class information technology, renowned companies are moving towards paperless office operations. Companies are digitizing employees’ working environments to increase customer service quality. Thus transparency and accountability can be ensured. Along with this, the quality of customer service also increases manifold, and there is no room for error. Keeping all these things in mind, Republic Health Company has used the information technology of ADP, an international quality software company, for their office management. As a result, the Human Resources and Payroll Departments manage all functions online. And all employees can receive Pay Stubs and W2s on time hassle-free while accessing all the information they need from the ADP Employee Self-Service Portal. Republic Health operates in all 50 states across America to build a strong healthcare community.

Access to your Republic Health Pay Statements & Tax Statements on ADP Employee Self-Service Portal

  • Are you a returning or old user of this portal as a Republic Health employee? If so, sign in directly by entering this link ( To sign in, first, enter your “User ID,” click “Next,” and then enter your “Password” to complete the sign-in. Now, you will manage everything as you usually manage your account information and documents.
  • .Otherwise, you need to have an account in the registration process first. Enter “Create Account” on the sign-in page to start creating an account.
  • Start: If Republic Health’s employer has given you a registration code at the time of recruitment or via email from the system administration, enter “I Have A Registration Code” and provide that code. Alternatively, enter the “Find Me” option and “Search” yourself by entering the “Contact Information (email or mobile phone number)” or your “Personal Information” provided in your file when joining Republic Health.
  • Identity-Info: When registering through the “Find Me” option, you only need to enter the last four letters of your social security number as identity info. And if you started the process by providing a registration code, you’ll need to provide your name, a few digits of your employee ID or social security number, and select your date of birth from the dropdown menu. Then a code for verification will be sent to the number or email in the file of Republic Health, and after providing it, proceed to the next step. Sometimes verification is also done through security questions based on personal information the company has on file.
  • Contact Info: Contact information or, as a means of updating you through notifications, provide your email address and phone number. In each case, click on Verify to receive the code and confirm your contact information by entering it.
  • Create Account: At this step, the system automatically generates a user ID for everyone. You will only have to create your password according to the system guidelines and your choice. At the same time, accept the terms and conditions of the system, select the checkbox and click on “Create Your Account” to reach the ADP dashboard.
  • Now go to the menu from the dashboard and explore the “Go Paperless” option under the “Pay” menu. Set up the settings as you like here. Be sure to select “Online” to receive W2s online. Then explore the direct deposit option and set it up by providing all the details correctly.
  • Pay Stubs and W2 Statements: By going to the “Pay” menu from the dashboard, you will get the details of your latest pay stub on the screen, and after that, all the pay statements from starting your job will be displayed on the screen by clicking “View All Pay Statements.” And right next to “Tax Statements,” you’ll find your W2s titled by year.

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