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Sava senior care center provides short-term and long-term health care, rehabilitation, and skilled nursing services to its patients, residents, family members, and associates. Sava senior care also includes nursing home facilities for older people who require long-term care for injuries or chronic health conditions. At Sava senior care center, you will partner with nearly 25,000 employees. As of January 2015, there are around 25,000 employees. If you are one of them, you feel proud as a health care professional, and it is one of the most technologically advanced and skilled nursing senior care organizations.

The company has replaced electronic payroll systems with paper payroll checks and encourages all employees to apply for a Money Network pay card or direct deposit program. The electronic payroll program provides faster service and enhanced features than traditional paper checks. It is also an automated First Data system that allows the user to view and print payroll information. If you are enrolled for the first data pay card, your payment will automatically deposit to your payment card on payday. If registered for a direct deposit, your earnings will automatically deposit to your local bank account on payday, the same as a payment card.

To access your payroll information and other benefits, please log in to Sava senior care access central at To discover more information, please ask your managers.

Pay Stubs

  1. Go to the Access Central (E-Employee Express) website and log in with your SAVA ID.
  2. Once logged into the E-Employee express, click on Myself from the left side menu. 
  3. Then click on “Employee Self Service.” 
  4. Click on “Payroll,” then you will be redirected to the Oracle self-service portal, where you can check your payroll information, including pay stubs, leave balance, voluntary deductions, and also set up your direct deposit accounts. 
  5. To check your pay stubs, click on the Paycheck menu.

If you are a former employee, please visit the Sava senior care local office’s human resource center.

Looking For W-2 information, click here

40 thoughts on “Sava Senior Care Pay Stubs

  1. I am a former employee and was trying to get a pay stub to send in to the state to renew my license how do I do that .

    1. I’m a former c.n.a. at weatherford healthcare my license is up for renewal need help in getting them renewed,

      Thanks,Vera Veal

  2. This is CINDY JENKINS I WAS WORKING FOR SOUTHAVEN AND IS TRYING TO GET MY W2 please send me link where I can get it

  3. Hello,
    I can’t access my accounts to print off my pay stubs. Can you please email me or mail my pay stubs. Thanks

    April Root
    150 red hills rd
    Bufalo, Wy 82834


  5. Former employee at Brian Center Charlotte and I can’t access the employee express to print off my pay stubs. Can someone please email me? my w2 I FINALLY GOT is so messed up… Thanks

  6. I am a current employee with Sava senior care I need to access the system so I can get my pay stubs help please?

  7. My paycheck for 2018-08-22 is wrong I worked 102.25 hrs. and my check should be one thing and you only paid me what you wanted too, how is my pay for shiftWD2only paid $1.50 hr. and shiftWD3rd is only paid $2.50hr. and shiftWE3rd only paid $1.50 hr. you do the math and fix my check because that is not part of our agreement for LPN rate.

  8. I’m employed with Sava senior care at riverside nursing home in St.Albans WV, I’m needing access to my 2018 w-2 online, I’m having difficulty getting in my account, please help me!

  9. I am a former employee and need copies of my pay stubs and I also was told I can get access to my w2. Please reply to me and help me out thank you

  10. This is Sheila McKenzie. I can’t log in I need my pay check corrected ASAP. Worked 40 hrs. Please correct this error really need my money. Im currently an active employee.

  11. A former employee trying to get a copy of my last paystub. I no longer have access to the system.

  12. Karla hatton current employee…..need to change fedral stagus go exempt…some how was changed to single and not by me

  13. Human Resources at Spring Creek Healthcare in Fort Collins is impossible to get ahold of. They have no direct phone number and I can’t get anyone to help me contact them. I am a former employee, I am not authorized to log in to Access Central anymore and I need my 2020 W2. It was never sent to my new address. I am in KS now. Please help.

  14. Iam a former employee of Cambridge North Nursing Home Care Center in Clawson, Michigan USA. I need copies of my 2020 paystubs for my record, January 2020 to December 31, 2020. I could no longer access my records on line because it has been disabled. Please email them to me.

    Thank you.

  15. I am a former employee of Cambridge North Nursing Home Care Center in Clawson, Michigan. I need copies of my paystubs for January 2020 to December 31, 2020. I could no longer access on line because my access was been disabled. Tried to contact my local HR through email but it was returned because it was originated outside of , texted her, but no response. I really need your help. Please email them to me. Thank you.

  16. I am a former employee of the center in eden and i told HR what i needed and when i needed this information, im on a deadline and currently running out of time and NO one will answer me or anything! So frustrating!! Pick the phones up or email someone back! This is ridiculous. Yall log us out of OUR own personal information before we can blink! FRUSTRATED… please do better

  17. I need copy of my paycheck stub/s sent to me. I never received any and I no longer work for Sava @Bangs Nursing And Rehab, in Bangs TX. My DOB is 07/09/xxxx and last four of SS # is: xxxx.

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