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How to Access Vectrus Pay Stubs and W2s Online?

Information technology is used today to launch missile attacks on enemy targets in defense systems. Information technology is at the core of the modern army’s forces. Armament control, all types of management, Driverless cruise, Toma Hawk, SCARD, etc. missiles are being used to launch information technology in the enemy’s area accurately. With a history spanning more than seven decades, Vectrus is a leading provider of information technology solutions and network communication services to the US government’s defense and aerospace manufacturing industries worldwide. It delivers intelligent solutions to the most challenging problems through a new level of efficiency, performance, and productivity while maintaining a legacy of excellence, the highest ethical standards, and commitment to the mission. The company conducts business operations in 206 locations in 28 countries and territories on four continents while maintaining integrity, respect, and responsibility by promoting an ethical culture of diversity, equality, and inclusion. In this modern era, the use of paper in the office of an IT company is genuinely incompatible. Therefore, the ADP Employee Self-Service Portal is used to complete all processes of Vectrus’ Human Resources and Payroll departments paperlessly, and Pay Stubs and W2 Statements are provided to employees electronically.

To access your Electric Vectrus Pay Stubs and W2 Statements, you need to sign in using the User ID and Password from the ADP Employee Self-Service Portal Sign-In Page (ADP Sign-In Page Link: However, for those new to Vectrus as an employee, you need to create an ADP account first because, without an ADP account, there is no way to access this portal. Let’s quickly create an ADP account.

  • Go to the ADP sign-in page ( and click “Create Account.”
  • Click “I Have a Registration Code” and input the PRC (Personal Registration Code) sent to you via email. Please talk to your employer or the payroll office if you have not yet received a PRC.
  • Enter your personal information in the input fields of the “Identity-Info” step. Then verify your phone number or answer a few identity questions to verify your identity. To verify your phone number here, input your active phone number and submit the verification code sent from the system to that number. On the other hand, if you get locked out with wrong answers while verifying your identity through the identity question, please talk to Vectrus’ system administrator.
  • In the “Contact Info” step, provide your primary email address and phone number that will receive a verification code to confirm your identity or recover your account in the future. This way, the ADP system will secure your account and keep all your information safe.
  • Finally, create your password in the “Create Account” step and re-enter it in the second input box to confirm. Check the User ID generated by the system for you before accepting the terms and conditions of ADP by clicking on the checkbox below and completing the ADP registration process.

Now you can access the portal for your Pay Stubs on every payday of Vectrus Company or when you need to check your W2 Statements, using your User ID and Password from the ADP sign-in page. After signing into the portal, go to the “Pay” menu from the ADP dashboard and explore your current Pay Stub in the display area, all your previous Pay Stubs in “View All Pay Statements,” and your W2 Statements in “Tax Statements.” If you can’t find your electronic documents, go to the “Go Paperless” option in the “Pay” menu and opt-in for electronic delivery.

Disclaimer: The Vectrus and Vectrus logos are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of Vectrus, Inc.

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