Westgate Resorts Pay Stubs & W2s

Westgate Resorts is a world class and timeshare resorts company based on Florida which currently encompasses more than 28 full services resorts with 10,000 guestrooms in 10 states. The company has been used online wage statement service to provide electronic delivery of employees payroll information and year end tax statements. So if you are currently working at this resort, your pay stubs and W2s are online though online wage statements. To accept, go to the following ways-

Westgate Resorts Pay Stubs

1. Visit to the online wage statements portal for Westgate Resorts. See resource
2. Login with your username and password. Username is your employee ID and 01. For example, your employee ID 1234 then your user name is 123401. If you are new employee, your password is the last 5 digits of your social security number.
[As new employee the following steps must complete]
3. Enter your employee ID and date of birth in MMDDYY format in the required box of next window. Click Submit.
4. All new will be prompted to setup a new password. To set up enter your current password which is last 5 digits of your social security number. Enter you a new password of your choice. Password must be 6- 16 digits in length and include lower case and upper case letter with number. Click Change Password
5. Please read the W2 delivery terms and conditions, enter your email address and Click Accept
6. In the next steps, you will be redirected to update your profile. In the profile page, you are required to select and answer 5 secret questions. Tick on box if you interested to receive email and notification and enter email address if not show. Click Update
7. After you have update profile page, click on the Current Pay Period to view your recent pay stubs. It will show your recent pay stub with company logo and name. If you have set up printer with your PC, click on Print button otherwise you can Save as PDF format.

Westgate Resorts W2s
If you want to access your year end wages and tax statement, go to the W2 Login page, and login with username and password, your user name is full social security number without dashes and password is last 5 digits of social security number.



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  1. Holly Nothstine  |  

    I need username n password to retrieve my w-2 for 2015..Transaction ID: 071-054-37TH4X please get back with me asap..I worked at the emerald Pointe resort in branson, MO
    My supervisor was Nora n i worked for housekeeping department

  2. Since I can no longer email hr for some reason, I need my W-2 since you don’t want to send them to me. I worked at Branson/ Roarke valley Rd location.

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