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Parallon is a foremost contributor to healthcare business and operational services in the USA. Its corporate offices are located just outside of Nashville, Tenn. There are group purchasing, supply chain, project management, revenue cycle, technology solutions, and workforce management services under their health care business. However, if you are with them, your W2s are online that accessed in the following ways-

1. At first, go to the Parallon W2 Login website. It is hosted on the Online Wage Statement portal. See Resource
2. login with your user name and password. Username is your full Social Security Number (SSN) without space, dashes, or slashes. The password is the last four digits of the social security number. Click Login
3. Next steps will ask for your nine digits, employee ID, and date of birth. Please check the recent paper pay stub if you don’t know your employee ID. Click Submit
4. You must change your password in the following steps. Enter the whole SSN in the current password field and enter at least six digits password of your choice. Click Change Password. Password will expire if it is unused for 90 days.
5. As a first-time user, you will see E-W2 Election terms and conditions. So read first and enter your email address, then click Access.
6. If accepted, you will automatically be redirected to my profile page, where you see five security questions. Please choose and provide answers. Click Update
7. If your W2s are ready to view, you will receive a confirmation email and link.
8. If you have any problems, you may call 1-800-265-8422

Parallon W2 Login

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  1. I am a prior employee of Tristar Hendersonville Medical Center in Hendersonville, TN. My last date of employment was 01/31/18. I am not able to login to my employee portal to obtain a copy of my W2 and I need it send to me asap.

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